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  1. How to choose whats the best engine oil for your car? and are fully synthetic oils worth the price? performance gains are there??
  2. does any one have any idea about the STOCK piston size in a 800
  3. Yes' date=' May I add, it had 205/50R15 tyres along with the Petes box and a freeflow? As stock I used to get 14kmpl in city conditions. FRG[/quote']okay! so its like 12kmpl with performace..!! doesnt a diesel car sound like a truck after adding a free flow..its it from the headers??
  4. well then whats the point spending so much..with out actuly feeling the increase? and are over size headers a problem?
  5. well what do you guys suggest will custom headers make difference in a 800?
  6. 60%drop in mileage?? that is too much of a myth!. it will only depend on your driving habits,you tend to rev v more with a free flow! hence your milage goes down! if you drive normally your average will stay uneffected
  7. Try using LED strip lights if you have pot hole trouble..they are as good as neons and are more durable sleek and can be hidden anywhere
  8. Wont custom headers & free flow exhust make some difference?