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  1. p.s. m buying the 1.2 petrol ambiente...
  2. i am just about to buy the skoa fabia....(it'd be my first car) but as i went through the posts...everybody says skoda parts n maintenance is really bad...!!! is it so??? if yes, then how much times is it costly than may b a maruti's spares..??? also...does the cost of spare parts actualy matter??? i mean do i have to change a clutch pad every year...or fog lamps every six months??? i mean is change of the spare parts very regular...or is it occasional...i mean once in years??? also, hows fabia as a car,will jazz or punto be better? should i wait? also...wud fabia giv me ny high maintenance charges for 1st 3 years??? please answer all i m a rookie in this case...!!! thanks in advance.