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  1. These kind of suggestions are worth taking but not the one which blindly supporing one product and ignoring other. Thanks Winner. Tongawala Ji I think you take a test drive and let us also know. Note from Mod: While quoting, use only a part of the post. BornFree2010-06-20 08:53:46
  2. Look's a lot better than the present Verna which is plain 'insipid' to look. And no it's not a photoshop job. Here's the original article from 'Autoblog' Posted by DD. While Verna has not been a hugely successful car like Accent it still sells in respectable numbers of 1500-2000 units a month because of the awesome diesel engine. Posted by Rahul1810. It is like This: Kya karu moussi, lakh burai ho mere ponchi chora me per mere muh se to iski tarriff hi niklegi. ( There can be lakhs of fualts in my roudy boy but you will hear good things from me only) cartoos2010-06-20 07:37:58
  3. Rahul, as you know I drive Linea and its 1.4 EPack. I know lot about 1.4 and not just test drives etc. I can't comment on any other people, what they do? but like special licence holder you should act more responsible than just praising cars you like personally. Can you compare i20 with Punto one on one without being biased ? try it .
  4. I think you forget to read line "Don't suggest me a car unless you don't know much" since you don't own any you are suggesting, whats the point ? I never came to forum suggesting people, the car I don't own. cartoos2010-06-19 17:53:13
  5. Since we Fiat Fans has left this forum, these so called hyundai agents have takenover and forcing people to buy their cars. You can check every thread.
  6. Tongawala sorry for your tonga story. Its all the way Punto 1.4 E pack that suites you. 1. Best in class ride and handling 2. Best looking hot hatch 3. Most sturdy car 4. Fully loaded with Blue and me, good looking alloys and big and wide 15" wheels and tyres 5. ASS has improved and is at par with Mass and Hass ( Can check Team Bhp for that) 6. Very fuel effecient ( can check thread here of Linea with the same engine) 7. Its only one of the two 90 hp car apart from Honda jazz. 8. only Fiat cars has service interval of 15000km or 1year, will result in fewer trips to Tass and also works out to be less expensive. Go for it and enjoy every bit of it.
  7. I think this poll will go nowhere, as company who is investing in this country dispite so many failures, knows well what to do. The intial quality issues have been sorted out and infact TASS is improving because Fiat. The work culture there is improving and I rate it now better than Maruti ( I own Wagon R ). Its all because efforts of Fiat. Well there is room for improvement for all the manufacturers here in India.
  8. + 1 to Vahanpujari, kindly go through many threads related to Linea, no one charged for Parts other than Break pads, wiper blade etc. You say that you don't get any followups means the Tass you are visiting is doing some thing wrong with you, Kindly mail to Fiat with details, they should get back to you soonest.
  9. Congrats Rahul, Can you give us some driving experience of the car ?
  10. I think its quite premature to talk on a concept car, knowing Honda's pricing.
  11. cartoos

    Best A.S.S

    Dear DD, its like this, any body is down has all the chance of going up but who is up to the ladder has all the chance that is being pull down. Therefore if Fiat is trying their best, please applaud for that.
  12. I would suggest Ford Figo after Punto because driving dynamics will be quite similar.
  13. Congrats for your new baby, 77 Km is normal, don't worry about it and also for ASS. Enjoy your drive and keep on giving feed back. If you want to know, how to get best mileage then just ask.