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  1. and cant you connect the leds in series or maybe put a single resistor? can u post some pics of the plate itself from teh front and back view?
  2. cool man. I need some tail lamps for my vintage to brighten up the backside!!
  3. Thanks for letting me know. Can you send me some pics. 1. Also, I am based in Delhi so is it possible to get the same transfered to my name with the same number as I wont have any docs for address in HYD? 2. Can you also tell me a lil more like teh condition of teh body, engine, number of owners and millage of teh bike. you can email me on kapilmsachdeva@yahoo.com
  4. If anyone has a Yesdi 350 twin for sale pls let me know. regards, kms
  5. the white wall tyres are sure a traffic stopper here, for my Landmaster and I shall not forget how the Vice President, Marketing , MRF tyres cordially mailed me two times and also saw to it that the tyres reach the MRF showroom here. Hey guys, since you seem to have an established contact, could you do me a favor and help me get the white wall tyres for my 1966 Amby. Would really appriciate any help in the matter.