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  1. The figures are rather surprising. But I am happy Honda rose to the top.
  2. I dont think Mercedes is expecting sales out of this product. The market has turned too competitive and hence Niche products have become a necessity. Every manufacturer is trying to do something different. The Polo GT has been the Niche product so far. The Punto Abarth may beat it though.
  3. I think i didnt understand your question properly, but from what i understood, Im not going to fit them in. I am just gonna keep them in an enclosure in the boot. You've mentioned too many technicalities! Bouncers to me! I dont know much about Audio too like prancinghorse. Will be letting you know the Ohms soon.
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    Hi guys

    Hello Prancinghorse, Thanks a lot for the warm welcome.
  5. Hi all, This is my first thread. I have a honda city i-vtec, and I have a question regarding an upgrade that I need to make. So, at present I am running 6 speakers(4 speakers came as company fittings, Ive added 2 more at the back[powered by a boston amp]) The head is the same as provided by Honda. It is an integrated head. I have bought 2 woofers already and now I am confused as to what mono block to get. Or should I get a 4-ch Amp? I am super confused. The big question in my mind is that can just 1 mono block run 2 woofers? This is the amp ive zeroed upon right now. Also I cannot change the head unit. Hence i will have to use convertors.
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    Hi guys

    Hi Guys, My name is Suraj and I am from Mumbai. My age is 21 presently and I drive a Honda City I-Vtec. Hope to have a lot of fun here! Cheers!