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  1. So rssh.. Wot should i say to dealer while asking him for a music system.. Should i ask to fix a complete music kit o should ask him to fit different parts specifically?
  2. One more question friends.. If v ask the dealer to fix any branded audio system then does he fit all the necessary parts of a music system like amplifier,subwoofer etc of his own o v hv to ask him for these parts.. I mean if v buy a audio system does it include all these parts?
  3. Can anybody tell me wot does 170/70 R13 indicates which is 150/80 R13 in getz gvs ?
  4. And prakash thank you for providing me that site.. I hv not seen it yet but i was searching for such a site.:-) Note From Admin: Please do not use SMS/Chat lingo on the forum.FuelRunGod2007-10-16 13:12:31
  5. Why alik.. Is sony explode not good..? Every one says its very good..
  6. Hello friends.. Can you suggest me what different types of car audio systems ans speakers are available in indian market and which is supposed to be best for its price.. Friends i have really no idea regarding car music system so please help me out.. Thanking you. FuelRunGod2007-10-15 18:39:00
  7. Yes sumit, its true that santro is not providing all facilities yet its a superb car n it is also giving huge discount of about 35000 /- but d thing is tat santro will be out of market soon.(probably) so i think u should wait for pa as it is also hyundai product.. Dun get depressed yr :-)
  8. hi sumit..well if it comes accordind to urt budget nu cant waitfor pa then u can go for this but as far as getz is concern its not totally failed. and when i tokk a test drive ofgetz 1.1 n spark i found getz more obedient tofollow mycoman. more over the gear box was also smooth wjilechanging a gears..well sumit ushd notgo wot ppl say o wot indian market says as uknow indian mentality.. so buy a car as per urrequirments n i dun think that spark is bad... its nice car
  9. Yes sumit. U r going right thing according to present conditions.. Spark is a good car though waganor n santro r well established n u can go blindly for santro at any time but even i think they will be out soon from showroom so its not an intelligence to buy a new car which gonna out soon.. But sumit if you can wait for a while why dun u wait for hyundais new launch Pa (which is probably a code word for its new launch) because as far as i know from different discussions n felt from test driver the hyundai cars r better in gear shifting than chevrolet however the new spark is also guite good in this compared to uva. But if u cant wait for a month then u can definately bring spark.. Its v good small car.
  10. Yes aaa, the price of getz has been increased everywhere by 6 to 8 k. Actually it is called as subversion of getz gvs which has larger tiers 175 with rear spoiler in spite of smaller ones of 150/80 13R. N u hv mentioned about any discount in getz in del..? How much discount they r providing in getz gvs o any other model ?
  11. Yes and that is why getz n swift r still without any discount:-)
  12. Is it so prayas that any car newly launched always offers good discount.. ? Well i dun think so..