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  1. Fazer is a nice buy. I am 6'2" and it suits me well( drove my friend's bike). A person of this height should go for a thumper. Even HH Hunk is a nicer option.
  2. Any high capacity bikes( preferably SBKs) coming up from any of the bike manufacturers? around diwali or this this year. I have heard that 600cc bikes are going to be launched by all the major players
  3. Plans dropped @ Bobby Thanks a lot for the info But I am going to wat for the 2011 model. I was thinking about going for the Altis but there is not much difference in my car and the Altis I dont want to end up buying a same car.
  4. I am going to wait for the Civic 2011, I am sure Honda will bring something new in terms of technology
  5. @sgiitk sir, can you give me any suggestions on buying the Civic AT? Reviews i.e. Owner's words to make a new owner. And will it be wise to buy an outgoing model since i feel that 2011 will be the year of the next gen Civic
  6. why dont you buy the karizma R?
  7. I guess Skoda's ASS is better than this looking at the superior brand image in India. They are giving 3 years of Zero Maintainance at Rs. 11111/- And the clutch plates are costing around 57000 inclusive of taxes( I know this because a cousin just got a fresh new set after an accident).
  8. my brother in law said that it's the best buy
  9. why dont you give a shot at royal enfield
  10. i just checked the website.They say, you need to buy a honda to have a discount on a honda(loyalty discounts). is it a new way of increasing the sales on the other models?
  11. @goenkakushal- Thank you for the suggestion. I am looking forward to it. Any deals on ANHC? Civic and Accord have free insurance. And is there a waiting period for AT
  12. @Bobby thanks a lot. This surely has changed something in my mind. @sgiitk sir, I am not a Civic guy. Just didnt love it from the day it was launched. Superb Quality though. But the Boot Space is still less. And yeah the car which i drove was a 2007 made. I didnt knew that the changes made in 2009 were not merely cosmetic in nature. Apologies sir. And quality of the plastics and the switches is the other thing that worries me. I have driven ANHC AT a lot. My brother in law ia a proud owner. The second thing is the front. God forbids, but is it as safe as the german brands and even the corolla/civic
  13. i don't like civic. Low GC, small boot, old model now, not a vfm. Cruze AT any time. even if its a diesel. Altis due to reliability. No issues in the Corolla yet. just spent the money on the services. thats it. and wear and tear of brakes.
  14. thank you sgiitk sir ANHC is the best buy i think I might go for this or wait till March and save some money to buy a better car. I am thinking of driving the Corolla and the i20 only. I might not go a segment below(Quality issues) . Maintainance is a big problem..buying isnt