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  1. have finally picked up the SX4 ZXI on 20th of March. Thank you all foir the wonderful inputs and insights. it was more a case of mind over head.
  2. had a TD of SX4 ZXi on sunday. took a 80 km testdrive incuding bumper to bumper(courtesy TN CM who was moving to residence after being discharged from the hospital and the motorcade and supporters ensured that i had simulation of peak weekday traffic conditions). Found it to be pretty cool and more or less made up my mind to go for it. just waiting for dealers for the best bargain and should be picking it up maybe by next week. one has already offered rear sensors included? what else could I be bargaining for ? anyone from chennai who can throe more light
  3. Any news on discounts and special offers fof SX4? The dealers were indicating two days back that there would be a price advantage due to excise duty reduction, any one has a clue on the same?
  4. I have been driving my first car(m800 MPFI) for the last six years and am keen on getting a sedan within the budget of about 8 lakhs. SX4 was what I had in mind for the past 1 year. Just wanted some mor einfor based on feedback. Some people have mentioned that mileage in ZXI is lower because of large tyres and could give better FE if tyre size used in VXI is put in. Does this actually mean VXI gives a better FE than ZXI of SX4?
  5. What about linea diesel or petrol. FE of petrol engine seems to be matter of doubt as no one including dealers have a fix
  6. On road price in Chennai is about 8.2 lakhs. Currently offering 25K cash back + corp discount(10-15K). Further reeduction in price is expected today or tommorow based on policy announcemnt of cut in excise duty.
  7. Thanks a ton. I think I will take your advice and go in for SX4 ZXI. Bt I am being told about a 1 month wait for the black colour
  8. dear anjan thanks for the input. only issue with Dzire is that the exterior looks put me down. both me and my wife find the appearance as the factor against Dzire
  9. linea diesel similar features model is above the budget by close to a lakh
  10. I have been driving an 800 for more than 5 years and have touched 34k kms. It is still an amazing car and with the MPFI engine I have croseed 120 kmph on Delhi Agra Highway.
  11. one of the sx4 concerns is FE. how is it vis a vis other petrol sedans?
  12. thank you all for the valuable inputs. I am kind of looking at an SX4 but wanted to get an opinion on it
  13. How about the mileage of linea. Also based on previous experiences, service of FIAT and spares?