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  1. Is there any information on the ARAI certified fuel efficiency figures of the Figo?
  2. If Rama Motors has been unsuccessful in solving the problem, I don't expect ABS motors to solve the problem as well. Why don't you just drop a mail to and see what the Fiat technicians suggest? Also, Rama Motors is the best ASC in Delhi and there actually is no dealership which comes near to it in terms of problem solving. Don't know how my Linea is doing good. Best solution : See which 2 warning lights are coming on and then see in the manual why they come on. You will find the reason behind the failure of instrument panel. nim12esh2010-02-03 14:43:08
  3. I must say Figo is am impressive car and an extremely practical one. Looks to please all and fuel efficient engines to go with.
  4. No spare tyre...but a puncture repair kit is present.
  5. The new palio is not at the Auto Expo....Only one 500, two Lineas and 3 Puntos. I too was waiting for the new palio.
  6. So you own a Linea Tjet???? Obviously not, then how can a person decide and verdict about the FE of a car not even driven by him....You must have read some review..if yes, then please pass on the link of it to me. I have seen it written nowhere that Tjet is a fuel guzzler. Infact, Tjet is a torquey engine therefore one just needs to ride the torque , implying much better fuel economy than any other sedan in competition.
  7. The Punto would win it easily...TJet is a torque monster dude...heard of Abrath..??? The Abarth Punto uses a 150 bhp 1.4 Tjet... nim12esh2010-01-06 09:21:49
  8. I have a Linea buddy, not a Punto. Polo is equally impressive as the Punto. My money would be on the Punto only if it comes with the T-Jet even if it comes in Active variant....
  9. The car looks very impressive. Can be my next buy....probably the 1.6 petrol..
  10. The above one looks great to me..
  11. 1.2 TDI is confirmed by overdrive. Indian polo is the fist polo worldwide to support it. It is a bit sluggish but is extremely fuel efficient. More fuel efficient than the Multijet. It is called Bluemotion in Europe. Check out VW germany website for more info.
  12. @ cyrus43 What information does the Multi-function display shows? Is there Fuel economy, instantaneous fuel economy and range displayed??
  13. That makes the launch date just 1 day before the Auto Expo 2010 which starts 5th Jan. Good platform for advertising the car..Good thinking GM..
  14. Volkswagen India to start production of VW Polo at the Chakan Plant, Pune on 12th December.
  15. Not to forget the MAGNIFICENT SPACE.........!!!!!!!!