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  1. very true,they should not hav named it pulsar..otherwise i think its the best bike in its segment,completely superb styling like no other..
  2. u already have a uni,why again going for it?? its better to go for hunk,p-180,or me the new p-180 is an eyecandy followed by rtr-180.try em first
  3. according to me the best lights goes too:- * starting from small cars- santro xing, ritz.(i just love ritz's tail lamps), swift, i-20, chevy srv(the best tail lamps ever seen after the bmw 5 series), aveo,scorpio, civic,altis,laura,sonata gold and sonata embera,the current accord and its predecessor,endeavour, captiva,latest teana,5 series,a4,q5 and q7,vw touareg and finally the xc 60 and xc 90. a very big list..
  4. its completely a boon to have it,because u just always cant rely on the machine and that too the internal electctrical parts.
  5. hi ! i think r15 or pulsar 220 r the only options till now to go for if price isnt the barrier.
  6. yes the new 150 engine is slightly tweaked but i think consider the new 180 too,its just rocking according to me.else its ur own choice with which one to go for.
  7. the above one is just a bit modified the current kinetic flyte while the other one is the kinetic nova..
  9. best looking small car according to me is indica vista and palio stile multijet(just hate its drab old interiors)
  10. thanx crazy cat but i m really too much afraid about the company,i mean if i buy the suzuki and just if the company winds up itself then what about its availability of spares and a.s.s. although i dont think it wont happen bcoz hayabusas n intruders are already on streets,at the same time i havnt seen many gs on the streets,m realy confused,but still product wise i want to buy gs.i found it very impressive in looks and the engine is completely butter smooth.someone plz clear my doubts.
  11. friend i had ridden it 2day it was a very nice bike.i think yes its the real contendor for the was super smooth but dear its rear breaks were not at all like you have was normal as we have in all the bikes,neither i found its handles to be very high,it was very comfortable infact,and mot to forget dear its a commuter bike aboveall.i think its really a hot 150cc bike and yes its a very nice alternative to the pulsars,hondas n hero hondas according to me if bike's quality and the bike is concerned.yes where it loses is hand is the service and dealership network but not to forget friends suzuki is just 2 years old,more younger than the yamaha in india.after the launching of their super bikes i dont think there would be any problem with a.s.s. , it will get stronger subsequently.i think they could have made a nice foundation in the indian bike market if they would have launched this 150 earlier rather than the bland stablemates heat and zeus.
  12. hey friends i had tested the gs 150 was a nice bike infact i found it to be more smarter rhan the rtr.engine was super smooth,gear shifts were smooth n it was nice to see the gear indicator.6th gear option was cool but is it really needed in city driving condition? what is its benifit? it also had some 2 driving modes eco and power is it something like ride control switch like of the bajaj bikes? actually i forgot to ask its purpose to the dealer. is the 6th gear really beneficial in city? now i have 3 final options 1) the pulsar 150/180 2) the super sporty apache rtr 3) the sober n smooth all new gs 150 i think if i get to choose the gs its benifits are it is an all new bike,6 speed equipped gearbox which i think all the new future comming bikes will have this feature as for now we have in the r15 n digital console.its also very smooth like the uni.suggestions are required as early as possible.thank you friends
  13. my main motive is to have good fe and comfortable bike,some good looks also. today i had tested the apache rtr and i felt it to be excellent bike infact more superior than all the 150's in performance as well as the seating posture,it was awsome.but i dont know what would be its fe,the dealer told me that it would return somewhere around 50. but i heard from someone that it was poor in fe.also cheked the stunner found nice everything but bad plastic quality from my view. plz someone tell me about rtr 160's fe.cheked out the thread also but the guy is having rtr-fi.also recommend me about whether to go for rtr or the rtr-fi.thanx for all ur suggestions. i think i have fallen in LOVE WITH THE RTR .plz suggest me as fast as you all can!! i just cant stay away from it for some more longer time.