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  1. I am assume you meant the mixture screw after the engine reaches operating temp connect and exhaust gas analyser and adjust for less than 2% Co as you probably don't have the analyser go to a Puc centre and do it.
  2. His cars get multiple looks from lots of people as they pass by as would a pink goat with 7 legs!
  3. yes drive it nonstop for ten hours
  4. if the thermostat is removed and the bypass hose is not blocked the car will overheat also many substandard fuel pumps are sold
  5. I think it is .6mm but it should be in your owners manual
  6. The boost pressure needs to be monitored while driving to make sure that it is within specs but I would assume that they surely must have checked that!
  7. wheel bolts could be loose, tyre lost its shape or rim damage
  8. In my opinion his work makes heads turn in the same way that an alien from another planet walking on the road would only that the alien would be built better.
  9. I have been hearing of a number of tragedies, accidents etc happening and the one common factor in most of these seems to be putting the blame on someone else. One really needs to introspect and see if the accident could have been avoided with a little amount of thought. There are parents who have lost their children in school buses because of sticking their heads out, where the parents are trying to find someone else to put the blame on not thinking that if they had brought the child to be more disciplined the tragedy would not have happened. Offspring are given powerful cars and bikes without being taught self control end up risking their lives and others by driving at unsafe speeds, sometimes drunk and then the parents wonder why the tragedy took place or if some innocent bystanders life is lost, using any and all means to see that their child 'the perpetrators' get off without being punished . This is the sad situation that prevails in our country and we will continue to see such stories unless someone wakes up and makes sure the penalties are stringent enough and no one, no matter how well connected can avoid being punished adequately.
  10. Brushing up on your English would be a start
  11. For sale Octavia Combi 1.9tdi L&K done 28000 kms in excellent condition for Rs 600,000 with airbags, abs, sunroof, cruise control, original xenon lights with automatic levelling etc please contact 9987587296
  12. Your "private ward" does not allow you to look out on the road what a shame, please accept my heartfelt sympathies for the painful situation that you are in specially as it was not your fault! I find the car was delivered to you without registration plates, unbelievable!
  13. Just answering a question that was asked!
  14. Sense and decency but that is probably too much to expect.
  15. Can you please state the source of this information. You mean that one actually has to write factual stuff here?
  16. Vivek very true the fiat palio is a shocker and needs replacement
  17. Oops, that must have pinched!! Do you get pleasure by posting one line of c**p just to increase your post count! 3 posts of absolute nonsense to your "credit" in this topic.
  18. Esteems and 1000s have a problem with voltage drop at the starter solenoid end which can be solved by fitting a relay near the starter which is triggered by the ignition switch starter position signal.