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  1. Hi Sudeep, by both switches i mean put AC on and recirculation on. i agree i feel more cold when both switches on. not sure how this will work. i will take pic tommorrow and post it here. i have raised issue with TATA motors. let me see if they respond.
  2. Hi Sudeep, i went back to TASC, they say its working fine. i told my logic. i bet they are not sure what a recycle mode does. they immediately compared with other vista at service center. to my surprise its same as my case. the other cars also same, the internal mode is blowing warm air. further they asked to me to use both switches. when dusty or smoking surrounding suggested me switch off the fresh air mode. let me wait for call from TATA.
  3. hi Sudeepd, thanks for quick reply. i have thought the same. what might be failed in back ground.
  4. hi i started to live with above problem, now new problem creeped. this time again the AC. the recycle or internal air mode operation is not working, the cabin temperature growing. i took my car to service station. those guys say they fixed it. but its not in pratical. the fresh air mode is perfect. so can somebody help what should i show to them that its not fixed?
  5. hi not sure what they did exactly for my engine noise. what i observed is that they opened the filter box, thats what i observed . system d is not of much use at this moment. if you car has run for more than 10k then it will wise to use it. my car is running at less noise. i dont say it is eliminated but not audible from cabin. further also check the diesel quality. i used to fill at shell. but when i went for vaccation i noticed during small break the noise from engine is pin drop silent. have you taken your car for long drives. sorry for late reply.
  6. hi Abhisheik, well i too own a QJD, first the engine noise is negliable. but after first service engine noise can be felt. i pointed the same to service engineer. they sorted it out . as you know diesel engines tend to make noise. clean your air filter. for vibrations check the mounts and bolts to be tight. further noticed a new swift vdi making more noise than my QJD i mean engine noise at idle condition.
  7. its cheapest trick played by the dealers. same thing happend with me. i have contacted the officals and shouted mouthfull to dealer
  8. hi, Sudeepd: not sure how this can be related? becuz without ac i dont find any vibes.irrespective of engine temp. i tested it with cold engine, also hot enigne. the vibes are only from with AC on. i have started living with it. but will be more happy if i get solution for it. FRG : i dont hear much noise in fresh air mode. service person showed me another vista, its also making same kind of noise or same intensity of noise.will get it checked if any debris struck. the noise only comes in recycle mode.honestly speaking TATA make good product but the service sector puts it down. i am scared to take my vechile to service center, every time i go...i am getting new issue. i am happy with the mileage. becuz the roads are really bad, lot of pot holes. it took as it is butter. overall the Vista is VFM for me. Wish TATA to get me good service for vechile.
  9. hi, back from vacation, my mileage is 18kmpl with ac 100%. tankful to tank ful.
  10. hi, one more issue noticed, now with AC, the AC vent is making noise in recycle mode at level 4. when turned on for f resh air mode it was silent. prbhagvat, have you noticed above findings in your vista. i happend checked another vista in the same service center . the noise do exist. i am taking my vista for long drive. so that i can point out any other findings. how much air pressure you are maintaining. i am doing 30,28 (front, rear). regards neo
  11. Durango Dude, thats good's one..Nano coming . since this is my first car i was looking arround for some kind of advice. i have long vaccation planned in march end. taking my family for long drive. i dont like unknown guest coming in middle. Sudeep hmm i can see raise the RPM when i switched on AC. without AC the RPM stays below 1000. with AC on it reach near to 1000. even the service engineer checked to change but he said the rating are acording to instructions hence he did not change. as said by FRG, i too don't like to mess with new engine. am new to driving world, can some body suggest me is my gear changing fine. the mileage is far good.without ac for my style i am getting 18-19km. not sure i was just checking with the amount fuel filled in and so far km covered. 25+14+14=54, distance covered so far 900km, ofcourse the fuel indicator still shows half tank.
  12. sudeep, the idle rpm is arround 800 ( its shows less than 1000)
  13. dtandon, the next service due is 5000km or 6months. not sure about this. the issue just started lastweek, was going to JC road. arround 2pm. i don't think cold/hot engine is having the effect. i usually start engine leave it while in idle condition. then after while i move it. then i switch on a/c. my gear chaning style 10kmp-2 20-30 -3 40-4 60-5. i always change gear when i reach 1500-200rpm.
  14. Bhalchandra, it is less than 1000. i am 99% confident but the 1% i have to recheck.
  15. Sudeep, yes, the refinement should be similar to SwiftD. it is similar to that before this issue. the engine is refined, i dont feel i am driving d engine. dtandon i agree with you. the RPM rise will be there. but the vibrations coming after 2months of run. will this be issue for me when i go for long drives.