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  1. @ dude sir you need some work done on your punjabi, still it does the job. meri haal wadia hai, tussi dasso>> well i am in no real hurry to buy a new car so might even wait till they get the diesel version out, ours is a preference for a hatchback with good features and one that is easy on the pocket regards service & spares cost. i have the DLG version of the indica and yes anything would be more refined compared to it.
  2. increasing the engine rpm just marginally will surely solve your problem, i have the same problem with my indica but then a tata car gives you so many other problems to deal with that you certainly tend to overlook small issues. just wish the vista is as good as it seems and i can tell you that when i test drove the vista it did not feel a tata
  3. yup sudeep got the indica in dec04 and the zen in aug05. i drive the indica while the zen is used by dad. have driven the indi about 90000kms while zen is just about done 25000kms. i might go in for the i20, just love the looks and features on offer except for the weedy engine.
  4. hey thanks a lot you all for being so welcoming @sudeep i own a zen vxi(2005) and an indica(2005)
  5. greetings everyone i am abhishek from ludhiana, punjab feels good to be a part of this forum looking forward to some great discussions with you guys cheers