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  1. Hmm - its the 11th today and I still have not received my subscription copy through mail yet. I fear it has been flicked by the postal services. :-(
  2. @Juggernaut - congrats on the Getz choice - am sure you will have fun driving it. When going in for the tire/wheel upsize please first make sure the tire+wheel combo will fit in the wheel well without any problem - otherwise you will be totally frustrated with the spare tire.
  3. As mentioned by 5u3zEr0 they are very keen on their plant in Chennai and going full steam on it. There was a detailed writeup about their Sr Exec VPs attending the factory construction work kick off etc last week or so. Renault plans are delayed but only since they have an existing plant that is not fully utilized. They will share the Chennai plant with Nissan when there is adequate demand ( if there is :-) ) . Their small cars have to be attractively priced and feature laden to make a mark in India and not to forget give great performance with great mileage as well.
  4. Unscrupulous dealers unplug the speedometer/odometer cables and happily give test drives to people on customers new cars awaiting delivery. This is something to be careful when buying a new car also. Am sure the used car dealers also do this for vehicles on their lots awaiting sales.
  5. Other than Rahuls comment which lists a possible market segment to buy the Jazz it seems unlikely the common public with around 8L cash to spend on a car will go in for the Jazz. They will look at all other sedan options and other cheaper hatchback options first. People with more money than they know what to do with are free to run out and buy the Jazz :-).
  6. I would say test drive the I20 and the Jazz and Fabia and then decide. for the price the Fusion also provides much better space than all the above as well.
  7. The Teana and the XTrail are being imported and that adds a lot to their cost. The Teana sold 58 units last year while the Xtrail sold 100 units based ont he Autocar report from 1-2 months ago. Nissan has big plans for India and work in on for their Factory in Chennai to be ready by middle of next year to make small cars like the Micra and also locally manufacture other models. This was in the news last week or so regarding a whole lot of Sr Nissan leadership being in Chennai to kick off their work on settign up the plant. Renault which is their 50-50 crosss holding partner has put their plans to use the same plant on hold and will instead us the excess capacity of their existing plant. Hover was the company to do the marketing and sales in India.
  8. I have both my rants about crazy car/truck/bus drivers and also kamikaze bikers. At the same time soem roads like anijog mentioned are becoming really good to drive on. Smooth tarmac and less traffic. It is heaven and hell together. A lot of issues happen since people are not aware of the road rules - no one teaches the proper road rules in India unlike the rest of the world where it is done with more rigour. I had written up a rant on this here: It also links to another post of mine on the basic road rules of India that no one follows.
  9. Please take a look at my spec sheet comparison of dimensions and key features of the large hatch backs currently available
  10. Forgot to add - go in for a new car if you can afford it - nothing like a thrill of a new car. If a you are very worried about banging it up - go in for a certified used car - but keep it for a couple of years. For 5-6L you can look at good used Honda citys.
  11. For 5-6 Lakhs range for a car I would suggest either a Getz or a I20 which gives you a lot of room. For sedans the Swift D'zire, Ford Ikon & Indigo is in this space. The Vista Quadrajet is a good option if you dont mind the Tatas. The Bolero also falls into your budget. I would avoid the Palio and the accent.
  12. For the mileage pls check one of the online reviews by Autocar/BSMotoring. It looks like you want a new car. Why not buy a used one foro the duration of your stay in Tirupati and dispose of it when you move back. No hassles of NOC/registration/being hassled by cops due to an out of state number plate. You can save money on the depreciation and buy a bigger new car in two years time. I agree with other posters - dont give a new car to transporters. Drive it yourself if you do buy it out of state.