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  1. thanks dtandon! one more crazy question. is there a sub which is small in size but produce a bigger effect. just curies to know coz i might miss my boot space.
  2. Folks need your help for adding a sub for my punto E+ without affecting my Blue&me. i am looking for decent bass effect.
  3. my comments. Premium Features and Safety. Ritz - NO NO NO i20 - Yes, Yes, Yes Jazz - YES, NO, YES Fabia - YES, YES, YES Since u drive more in city...i20 looks good.
  4. well the site is up.. http://www.hondajazzindia.com/home.html as expected the prize is not mentioned and you can book a test drive.. i guess this will be the only car every one would book test drive than booking teh car itself..
  5. @ 7 lac.. Jazz will be a loser before its launched.. I see GP is the winer, here what will they prize their upcoming 1.5 iVtec Auto.. 10 lac?
  6. jkauto

    honda jazz

    I read in some other forum that Honda is only planing to release 1.2 MT in June and AFTER few they will release 1.5 AT (with P'shif) Damn i think i have to wait till end of year to see her (1.5 with AT)
  7. Thanks guys.. any thought should i go for Petrol or diesel ? my usage is given above..
  8. as said before by friends Comfort is the big factor!! Mainly 1. when you buy a sadan, i dont think they would think of FE for 1-2kmpl (if i buy, i wil think of comfort factor than think of saving money or feel less of gist of power 2. Its Honda!!!!!
  9. jkauto

    honda jazz

    Any speculation on Mileage ?
  10. Yup i have seen.. you know what i feel when i seem them.. "look, I also have sunroof" i would be happy to see a panoramic sunroof.. damn those sunroof wiht jazz!! Honda did you hear us..?
  11. i seriously doubt the reputation of this site.. http://autos.maxabout.com/cvid0000626/hyundai_i30.aspx do you think Hyundai will bring this to India ? @ least in 2010 ?