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  1. sorry buddy! by bad! You're right it's SAE 20w40. I got mislead by some wrong source. I recently bought ZMA (a week old). Till the warranty period, I will settle for HH 4t-plus, but later i will move on with Castrol as I found it extremely good to my earlier bike
  2. Well, I have a story to share. I had Yamaha YBX and gave it to my cousin. I was looking for a cruiser bike since I planned to do long distance trips with my friends. I initially looked at Avenger, but somehow it didn't appeal me. Then my head turned towards TB. Like many biker, I was not for RE vehicles till I test ride one. I test ride a TB along with my wife and my 2 yr old son. Trust me on this, I and my wife loved the bike. I liked it for its comfort, power and pain-free crusing. My wife liked the pillion seat for its comfort and she didn't feel much of vibs. We almost went ahead and booked one, but realized later that RE (at least in Chennai) don't have a tie-up with any finance groups that will help improve their sales. The initial payment for the bike was 40%, which was quite a stretch for me. This was the only reason I had to drop TB and go in for HH ZMA. Of course there is no comparison between these two bikes, I finally settled for ZMA since I was looking for more powerful and reliable cruiser...
  3. I think Yamaha is in the right track in terms of attracting young buyers. This bike is a sure killer on the street with the new color schemes. Those who love a sportive look, will put their money on FZ-S for sure. Though I liked FZ, I felt it's bit pricey. Now FZ-S is going to be more expensive by addl. 2k. FZ-S should be around 75k on-road in Chennai. You will get HH ZMA for 80k on-road in chennai which has got more power from its 225cc engine....decide wisely
  4. I have used Castrol for my Yamaha YBX regularly. The bike was about 10 years young, but the engine never had problem till date in terms of pick-up, no smoke, etc. You will have to watch for the grade of oil that the manufacturer recommends. HH recommends 'SAE- 10 W 30 SJ' grade, but the Castrol that you mentioned is 'SAE 20W 40'. If you are using HH vehicle, then I wouldn't recommend changing castrol for your bike.
  5. GS 150R looks nice. I took a test drive and like it. The OTR price in Chennai is little less than 68k. This bike has better torque than pulsar, should give better city riding. For the same price you get P180 in
  6. I had YBX (the 1st 4-stroke from Yamaha). I recently gave it to my cousin. When I was looking for a new bike, FZ16 and R15 grabbed my attention first. I had to knock of R15 from my list due to its premium pricing. F16 has the look...made for men characters...the style...performance. Since I wanted more power, I didn't chose F16 (otherwise my wallet was on it). After looking at various bikes...Apache RTR Fi, P200, P220 and ZMA. I finally booked ZMA. I liked the vehicle for its reliability, highway cruising, power and style. There were a lot of news about new ZMA being planned by HH, but I think all these are just rumours....Looking forward to my ZMA to be delivered by later next week...
  7. R15 is a terrific bike. I test drove one, but cldn't lay my hands on it due to its primium pricing. Then I tried P200, but somehow I cldnt fit myself in it and not felt comfortable. I liked Apache RTR and ZMA. Finally I booked ZMA for its performance, price, style and for reliability factors