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  1. check with ignition coil as well. same thing happened with my pulsar. after driving few kms it stalls as I increase speed.
  2. I just wish with this car maruti sort of its rattling interiors. hey ertiga owner (atleast 1 year old ). do ertiga rattle like other maruti product.
  3. just a guess, Now FIAT down sized Linea classic. It seems new Linea will get 95-96 ps of same 1.3 multijet. Lets see & I wish this guess goes wrong.
  4. By looking at pics closely it seems that FIAT will be continuing with 1.3 multijet. As 1.6 comes with 6 speed & it pics its 5 speed gearbox. Common FIAT don't disappoint your fan customers this time. As you guys keep doing since past.
  5. Bu looking at these pics it seems engine will be same is 1.3 multijet. As 1.6 Multijet comes with 6 speed gear box. & here its 5 speed. FIAT common don't disappoint us this time. Your guys already gave lots of setback to your fan customers.
  6. By going thru spec on turkey site. it just look as midlife refresh. with new engine option, if 1.6 Multi comes. all other dimension moreover same. It all depends on internal packaging how they liberate extra space inside. Hope FIAT price it competitively & bring down Linea classic price. But I feel FIAT should increase size of Linea. as Honda keep doing with city. with each new iteration complete new product is launched. OLD city customers gets ready to buy CITY again, as it gives feeling of upgrading to a bigger size car compared to old CITY. same way FIAT should upgrade Linea. By doing so, old customer can also be offered for upgrading to Bigger & new Linea.
  7. Bring manual with 4x4 option. its more engaging to drive, with diff lock options. than it will be true off roader. along with perfect look to scare traffic off
  8. What a potential car losing because of high price. GM get it in CKD. Price it around 18L see the winner. To break the hype of fortuner one needs to be competitive.
  9. Nice pic. New alloys looking good. Nissan whould upgrade general fit n finish of interiors. Specially that rubber bidding around gates, to make cabin silent. Silent cabin gives very upmarket feel while driving. Ratling of interiors parts should be eliminated. & please Nissan brong 4x4 option from day one. you can take first mover advantage of being first small 4x4.
  10. @KAYJAY. I will be using it for going to farms also. & during rain we need to go in our old gypsy. so Force one will be fulfilling all my needs. comfortable off roader at bargain price with promising hardware. with spacious interiors. Moreover there will be fine tuning of complete product in 4X4 version. ( I wish )
  11. When i bought my linea nearsest service station was 360 kms. but didn't faced any issues. As getting car for service is like a weankend break for me ( at that times in 2009 ). Any ways thanks KAYJAY. looking forward for 4x4 launch. but Force motors is testing my patience. first it was roumered to be laucnhed by 2012 end. than feb 2013. But still no clues when finally it will land.
  12. hye KayJay. its long since you wrote. I am planning to buy Force one when its 4X4 launches. My only concern is how is its ride quality. My friends have scorpio , safaris. but I really hate their " ding dong " ride quality. It always gives me feeling as I am driving a boat on water. How was your experience owing this beast. regarding mileage/ease of driving/cost of ownership/ any niggling issue keeps which keep coming up/ how many workshop visit you do other than normal scheduled service. Looking forward for your replies. I need to dependable 4x4 with acres of space. & it should be technically sound. Force one fits on my bill very well. waiting for you reply.
  13. Now FIAT should launch 1.6 MJD engine. along with this few extra features, as parking sensors, rear camera, better speakers. i am quite sure it will give serious competition to Rapid & Verna. As most of Lineas are self driven it is for those people whole keeps driving pleasure on top. Add to this they resolve serrvice issue. Fiat listen . its feed back from customer.
  14. Linea 2012 Test drive Before writing this. LEt me tell you i have 2009 linea em pk. Today morning i booked test drive at my office place. Along with sales guy, Service manager also came. As i developed good relation with him, because of my existing Linea. First thing Sales guy pop out. Sir GC in increased. Car look very raised. In my old Line. my knee is at nearly 90* while keeping one leg outside on ground. but now it was nearly straight. increased tyre size also add to looks. & as raised GC is well complemented by 16 inch tyres. Tyres look little bit outside of body work. as width is also increased. Now about driving around. I took my home office route to actually judge the difference in feel. While handling traffic car look a step up from most of the cars around. feels lot more confident in taking down one wheel off the tarmac. clutch is very light. i was feeling little problem in engaging 5th gear. but that may be case dependent. as it was very new car with only 45 kms on oddo. Engine sound is very much muted inside the cabin. it feels almost as petrol engine. My office guy didn;t knew that we r driving a biesel car. in gear accelertaion , i feel little less. but that may be again as the engine is new, can;t say much. Dash quality is great as compared to old linea. with chrome lining. I noticed sound system also sounded pretty better compared to my old linea. with little more punch. While looking from front it lost its low slung look of linea. now its proper off roader sort o look. with nearly half the tyre is visible from front. My driving on country side road, it feel lot more confident, gives feeling as i am riding over it. Old linea owners can tell how it feels nervous while taking off roads. But now its all gone. 185 mm is too much. Now i can take this for my Leh Ladhak trip. Previously i was thinking of going with Ritz. On road price is coming more than 10L for blue along with extened warranty, Sales guy told me wait till march i will arrange a good bargain for new as well as old car. over all a thumps up for the car. & yes i will replace my car with this one. As i love the driving dyanmics & they way car shuts outside world out. no car can come this close. under 10L price brand.
  15. FIAT should open a super market chain of their engines.. 1.3, 1.6, 1.9, & latest multijet II 2.0 for Freemont, their new MultiAir engines. I wish their cars also succeed in market, which they deserve really. I some time really wonders, what always goes wrong with FIAT when Uno was launched they had over whelming response from market. but it failed as time pases. It was nothing wrong with the product. Uno was tried n tested car internationally. then they launched Palio. Palio got waiting period at the tome of initial bopoking. but slowely customers drive away. Now Linea & punto. they got best Engine, Other companies who are using same engine have waiting period of 3 -6 months. They have got pretty good features list in respective category No one can argue about the looks of Linea & punto. Driving dynamics are very well sorted out. Cost also very competitive. But still they not able to sell product. really don't understand. A million billion dollar company with more than 100 years of history. But still they don't have right brains for India to make this global successful brand, successful in India