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  1. @ stinger_02in, dude dont miss the last episode(vietnam adventure) of season 12, trust me its crazy u'll love to watch it twice, cheers
  2. @cyrus, thats some collection i must say,looks like u are an fiat fan,how did get an LHD '96 fiat? did ya import? smokin2009-03-20 18:04:49
  3. me thinks superb competes with passat and camry,may be skoda's effort to clinch the entry german (the big three) cars customers smokin2009-03-20 17:59:01
  4. nice info dude that late 1950's cadillac is stunner
  5. my fault,yeah the white one.i heard these small cars are pretty expensive
  6. oh that old t.v shot is super cool,nice work dude
  7. the 40 k price reduction on 800 might sound little tempting for an nano buyer to stretch his/her budget if at all they eye the good old 800 (for not having to buy the cheapest car in the world) but the 800 has not got an face lift since1997. smokin2009-03-17 15:00:37
  8. skoda laura my friend, but wait for the new car which is due for its may launch
  9. dude why don't u get in contact with them through the messenger
  10. this is an interesting thread.i'm not a fan CRV looks,i like both chevy and outlander so i'll play a diplomat, it wouldn't be fair to compare a diesel and a petrol
  11. can i cast for two smokin2009-03-17 14:12:28
  12. yup even i have the same feeling,i dont see any change in the proportions of the car even the doors,wheels and headlamps and stuff except for the door mirrors and new tail lamps @ sharash can ya upload any of those swift pics u saw in sydney?
  13. elantra's nose was its killer never understood how in hell they thought the chrome horizontal grill will be appreciated and how will A-star come into this flock? when it recorded 3247 units just for the month of dec'08 taking it to top ten sales. smokin2009-03-15 08:35:50
  14. who knows what can happen? the silver arrow heads are already two months into work for their 2010 mp4 25 !! this is what earns the team faithful fans, well like me . i'm all excited for this season to start which is less than 2 weeks and hope to get an season calender from the april's issue with a beautiful mclaren on it...are they listening?? fingers crossed !!!! guys do check out this crazy work smokin2009-03-15 08:23:48
  15. since the octy is aging i like to see a face lift before it really dies,i think without a new face it has very less time left in the showrooms! i know everybody loves the RS version but what is the real difference between the regular petrol and the RS except for the turbo charger? is it worth the other 300 to 400k ?? smokin2009-03-15 07:46:10
  16. cool these tiny ones are! love that silver colour GTR
  17. wagon R with AT??? yeah it has. just refered in the mag but better go with i10 smokin2009-03-15 07:31:29
  18. swift and i10 can share the winners trophy, a-star comes third and then comes vista
  19. i would like to add hyundai's 2X suv the tucson and terracan,both have good engines and the built quality was good, never understood why they havn't been received well
  20. its an touring bike, used by cops in certain states in the US.
  21. initially?why doesn't it happen with hyundai or an maruthi ?according to the survey maruthi has always priced its spares lowest. honda is already ten years old in india,me thinks they are cashing on the badge name
  22. i don't think such things happen because the companies will ban the dealer if they find such kind of foul plays and for peace of mind i suggest going to a reputed dealer and coming to the commission the dealer gets, is none of our business.the dealer can't sell the same product for more or less except for the price manufacturer quotes.for the precautions, the automobile maker provides u with a checklist so that u don't get cheated by the dealer
  23. i would rate them equal in terms of engines but the quality of plastics, materials and the interiors are a big letdown in the new city,for the rest i would agree with karanraheja
  24. google it and read the reviews so that you will have an idea of what kind film you looking for when you go to the shop smokin2009-03-11 10:53:55
  25. the second gen city vtec's steering is one of the saddest thing that happened to the car apart from styling, its feels very artificial.the new one has good looks for sure and read alot about its performance and i'm waiting to get ma hands on one(i kno its sad having not driven it yet)