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  1. These were shot on my trip to Shillong, Meghalaya.
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us both engineers inspecting the callipers Uploaded with ImageShack.us taking snaps Uploaded with ImageShack.us of the other side Uploaded with ImageShack.us discussing...........repair or replace?
  3. First couple of weeks were just getting to know the car better, the usual city drive and a weekend highway drive to a hill station. The car drove well in the city, didn
  4. I was thinking of doing this since I bought my Figo but was unable to do so. Dear friends, just fasten your seat belts and go through 6K plus kms ownership report of a FiGo TDCi Zxi ! I bought my Moondust Silver Ford Figo 1.4 Zxi TDCi on 24.3.2010. I was bowled by the looks, available space in the cabin and the boot, the engine options and the variants at the price offered by Ford. I had booked a 1.4Exi on 10th March but changed it to Zxi after 2 days. I was lucky to have got my car delivered in 2 weeks time (first lot) as now(June2010) it has got a waiting period of 4months !! Soon after taking delivery I have changed the wheels to alloys keeping the same stock Apollo Accelere tyres the car came with. Except the sunfilm on the windows I didn
  5. The spelling is "Asphyxiation" and the word is "ASPHYXIA" means lack of oxygen, or suffocation due to severe or acute lack of oxygen.
  6. Just wanted to know what this micro hybrid thing does by switching off the engine when idle..........is it going to save fuel by any means or going to increase the engine life or if there is anything else ? what is the idea of spending much in the name of technology and achieving little in efficiency, engine life or performance ? I am technically not sound hence please clarify my doubts. Thanks.
  7. The car looks good, seems similar in dimension to the Fusion and with that kind of pricing is very tempting. It should have been on sale right away as march 2010 is 6 months away and after six months the cars do become old nowadays and by that time many more new cars will come up with new E4 engines.
  8. offcourse the first one is the new ford small car !
  9. Lot has been said about the Punto multijet's weaker performance any many wished that it had some more of the power like that of the Linea. Is it possible to add the VGT of Linea to the Punto MJD ? Will that increase the Punto's power to 86ps@4000rpm and torque to 203 Nm @ 2500rpm or the ECU has to be remapped ? If effective then what would be the approximate cost of such an upgrade and will it void the warranty ?
  10. I was talking about petrol engines as a whole and not only Punto. 15000 service intervals for petrol engines is really a very good thing to happen, and oil change @30000kms for the MJD Punto is simply great But the point is that are diesels still and really costly to maintain than the petrols ? Or is it vice versa ?
  11. not a good time to increase price of fiat cars, that is going to ruin everything for the reviving fiat. I don't see many Lineas n Puntos on the road and soon they are going to disappear if the prices are increased. @karanraheja how much is GP sales/month now?
  12. any engines when driven and maintained properly will last long. Just wanted to know which one lasts longer ? modern petrol engines or todays diesel engines, though none might have done more than 2L kms till now, how much does the manufacturers claim ? The MJD in Punto needs servicing every 15000 kms, but the petrols need more frequent servicings, in that case how can the maintenance be costlier in case of a diesel engine?