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  1. Auto Quiz

    How about having an auto quiz guys? Here, you can ask any question regarding automobiles and have the other forum members answer them. The person answering the question can ask the next question if he/she wishes to. Clues can be allowed if the question is too tough. Now lets start, shall we? Heres my first question: This car was popularly known as "Tin Lizzy" and was introduced in 1908 by a non-European manufacturer. It had a semi-automatic transmission with a planetary gearbox but was not the first car to be mass-manufactured. What car am i talking about?
  2. Tata to win Jag and LR!

    Just saw this on the world car fans blog: Ford has almost decided to sell Jaguar and Land Rover brands to Tata, with Mahindra and One Equity being the other short-listed candidates. The deal is expected to be around 1 billion pounds(7000 crore rupees or something!) Great news, isn't it? "Made in India" cars under the Jag banner.. Now thats something we will be looking forward to.. But do have a look at the comments. Some of them might not be true, but the perception of Tata and this deal is pretty much evident. Will this really be the case or not? Silent Thunder2007-12-20 06:41:15
  3. Auto Quiz

    Chevy Corvette, yes! but not necessarily the ethanol powered version.. its the Z06.. Does someone want to ask a question?
  4. Auto Quiz

    Its the pulsar! Nissan makes a small car called the pulsar and bajaj's star is our very own pulsar.. Regarding the LCV link, they're makers of very different commercial vehicles.. While most of Nissan's LCVs are based off their cars, bajaj's models are based on their gc-max range.. So, thats not the best link possible.. Next question.. Its picture time.. Identify this iconic car from its headlamps..
  5. Auto Quiz

    cars, yes.. LCVs, Micras.. no.. Think of the stars in the universe..
  6. Auto Quiz

    Yup.. thats right.. Lambo simply selected LP640 engines that made more hp than they were meant to.. Next q: Connect Nissan and Bajaj, with something other than their one-lakh car tie-up.. I'm looking for a one-word answer..
  7. Auto Quiz

    Its high time we revived this thread.. Q: How did Lambo get the Reventon engines to produce 10 hp more than the Murcielago LP640?
  8. Auto Quiz

    sorry for the delay guys.. yes, VTEC guy, your answer's right.. but i have no idea about your q, though.. A big HI to designersf!
  9. Auto Quiz

    don't know if this is q is getting a bit too vague.. anyway, a final clue: They're following a "safe" formula.. The numbers in brackets represent years, by the way..
  10. Auto Quiz

    no, connect it with the number.. ok, let me give another clue.. an updated list.. this will make things a bit easier.. Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG(08) Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG(03) Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG(99)
  11. Auto Quiz

    Wow! this 'Elk' question had my finalists crossed up.. This is great.. here's the next one - connect: Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG(99) Other than the fact that they're AMG-kitted super-fast Mercs (the last no. is a big clue)
  12. Auto Quiz

    Of course i will.. In fact, the questions will get even tougher, now that i have a good number of them with me.. Here they come... Mercedes Benz cars are known world over for their safety. But their 1997 A-Class failed a real life maneuvering test called the Elk Test. The car had to simulate an environment where it had to suddenly avoid an Elk crossing the road, moving quickly through cones forming a s-bend. While older cars easily passed the test, the A-class almost rolled over while testing. This caused a dent in the public image of the brand. Immediately, Merc updated the A-class and added a crucial safety feature to all its models. What is that safety feature?
  13. Auto Quiz

    Thats right.. And guys, a big thanks for the response to this thread.. Its motivated me all the way to conduct my own auto quiz in our inter-college festival.. and guess what, it was a great success! i used a few questions posted by other forum members in this thread, and they proved to be the toughest nuts to crack.. The experience here has proved valuable and i've vowed to do it again next year.. thanks again guys, for your help and support..
  14. Auto Quiz

    ha ha.. no comparisons there.. just a clue.. anyway, here's my next q: This endurance race lasts half a day and is one of the ultimate reliability tests for any car. Audis and 935s rule this event. Porsche won the title this year after a long hiatus. Racing giants like Moss and Fangio have battled it out in this race in the 1950s. What is the race i am talking about?
  15. Auto Quiz

    yes, its the veyron.. doesn't matter where i live.. EB stands for electricity board, as well as Ettore Bugatti, founder of the company.. even the bugatti logo has the words EB in it..
  16. Auto Quiz

    no, its not a direct clue at all.. think laterally..
  17. Auto Quiz

    I'll do the necessary: Q. A famous car sold 220 models recently. Which one is it? (Clue: it shares something with our electricity board;-) )
  18. Auto Quiz

    awesome.. thats the right answer.. and the best part is, they balanced those glasses while the engine was accelerating.. really cool stuff..
  19. Auto Quiz

    My turn.. Q) This luxury brand showcased the smoothness of its V8 engine in 1989 by balancing champagne glasses on its hood. Identify the brand and the car. Silent Thunder2008-03-08 15:54:34
  20. Auto Quiz

    don't know about ans. 3.. but i have an interesting pic question once u give the answer..
  21. Auto Quiz

    1) Volkswagen Type II 2) mexico and some other latin american country

    Clicking on the pic takes me to a page about the nissan gt-r. Is that some sort of clue or what? As things stand, i don't know this car..
  23. Auto Quiz

    Anjan, i wasn't guessing there.. I just dont know how many auto companies are there in shriperumbudhur.. i live near the place.. The car maker you're referring to is Hyundai..
  24. Auto Quiz

    Q2: As far as i know, Hyundai, Mahindra & Ford have their plants near the place..
  25. Tata Motors big launch NEW INDICA

    One benefit of the centre console from the manufacturer's point of view is that they don't have to make a lot of changes while making the shift from right to left hand drive versions.. This means that it can get cheaper to export the car to left-hand drive markets.. that was the rationale behind the Nano's dash design, maybe so for the Indica..