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  1. 1975....Italian Fiat with the rounded boot - BML 9275, infact I remember it had a seperate kind of key which had to be fitted under the passenger glove box in the front to activate the battery, was theft proof i guess, cant imagine this technology did exist so many decades ago 1982....Premier Padmini - MRG 4810 1996....Maruti 800 - still use it 2004....Santro ZX 2009....Honda City AT 2012....Hopefully BMW (target car)
  2. Best Vehicles in India would be relative depending on our experience, from the days of Premier Padmini when we drove and felt muscles getting developed in the arms turning the steering, driving Maruti 800 was such a pleasure and then Santro became even better experience till i graduated onto the New Honda City Automaic and thats an absolute breeze, so progressively vehicles would keep getting better, infact wonder what it would be to drive a Merc or BMW or an Audit would be if Honda seems so good to drive but must admit having driven friends and ones own Honda & Toyota would come out triumph in this segment
  3. What is "Old" is now a relative term as within the same models companies introduce upgrades in a few months so the new becomes "Old" and the upgrade becomes "Gold". I bought the new Honda City in April this year and now they have upgraded it with Alloys, New Interiors, Chrome Handles etc and call it the Dazzling New Honda City istd of All New Honda City, so my car is relatively Old and the dazzler is Gold. Wonder if this is the normal practice all around the world to have cars and then upgrade it within a few months or only pertains to the great Indian Car Bazaar ????
  4. Hi Vineet, having driven both I20 and ANHC the decision to choose one over the other would depend on certain personal considerations : 1. Pleasure of driving in terms of space comfort......City (esp Automatic) 2. Driving in city traffic (60%).....I20 being a hatchback 3. Brand Value......City - no choice on that front 4. Design and aesthetics......City 5. ASS....Both Honda and Hyundai are good but Honda is more expensive In both cases try going for an AT, its an absolute pleasure esp in city traffic
  5. Hey guys absolutely agree, no hard feelings at all, there is lots more that life offers to us all then a VW Polo so lets get on with it. Will try and get pics next time, basically not allowed as its restricted area inside airport near the tarmac but could try it on my cell. Was interested as my sis is planing to buy hatchback sometime in Dec so if this is getting launched close enough maybe its worth a wait then, however havent come across good reviews of VW A.S.S. so that could be a negative while making the final decision and also at what price this car would be launched, anything in the Jazz range would not work.
  6. Cyrus ... you are right as I beleive they should have been some test cars, on the face of it the cars were with protective covers so not much could be made out, they were white color (03 cars) but the interior space looked pretty impressive, the success would depend on getting the pricing right as the hatchback market has quite a few options ava
  7. For all unenlightened folks like Winner 48 and Kinshuk i work at the airport and cant be that blind to mistake a VW polo car which had the export labels of the airline clearly with Origin as BOM and destination as FRA (Frankfurt) on which they were to be uplifted, please let me not get into explaining the air export process and waste everyones time. Also i dont see any ships on the cargo side of the airport neither any sea around so am not sure how VW will send the cars through Ocean Freight. I hope i am clear on this or some additional clarification is required ????? would be glad to
  8. Hi, I saw the VW Polo hatchback cars at the airport ready for export. Any idea when they are planing to launch them in India and at what price range.
  9. @amiti .....For Honda Car the dealer was very clear, any changes in the tyre size would lead to warranty getting void. Also dont base your decision on manager's verbal assurance, if the dealer can give it in writing then probably change the tyres else typically the dealer / company would just put their hands up later on for the warranty part
  10. Hey RKNG...Many thanks for the update, ANHC is the new Honda City Model
  11. Hi folks, need an understanding on how the premium for Motor Vehicle Insurance works as I have already claimed insurance for my ANHC this year to repaint the scratches that were put by someone on the car. The amount claimed was closed to 28K so i would not qualify for NCB for next year (20% of premium amount). Since i also want to repair a small dent on my runing board which could cost around 5K-7K and can claim insurance again for the same, would this impact my premium for next year meaning would it get loaded further having made claims or only the NCB part would be impacted which in any case i would not get the benefit of. As per HDFC-ERGO only NCB would be affected and the premium would not be loaded further irrespective of the claims that are made during the year, am not sure on this, is there any fine print on total claims made during the year based on which premium would be assessed the next year
  12. @sgiitk...checked with Honda A.S.S. and they informed that 95% the runing board should get repaired and re-painted, cost would be apxx 4.5k, just wanted to check that since i have already made an insurance claim in the past for re-painiting of the doors due to some scratches that were put on the car, so would it make sense to claim insurance again for this repair
  13. Thanks Guys, guess the best thing would be have it repaired at the Honda A.S.S. instead of a normal garage which may lead to a color mis-match. Hopefully the same runing board can be repaired and re-painted as changing the runing board would be expensive, its strange that with technology advancing the metallic paints need the entire area to be painted whereas earlier patches could be painted off and one wouldnt know the difference, i remember that from my fiat days.
  14. @ Cyrus....also do you have a paintshop that will take care of the small minor dents like the one i got on my running board or do you know of someone who can address this.
  15. @ Cyrus ...So where is it in Mumbai that i can take my car to and show them the damage