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  1. voted for the getz 1.3 petrol

    the only downside i see is the milege otherwise i feel its a super transmission with excellent suspension and most of all really well finished interiors

    if u can pay 5.5 lacks and are willing to get 2kms'ltt less than the competiotion i think its one of the best hatchbacks

  2. well the swift IS ruling the roost according to numbers they are selling

    what i meant by "ruling "was that , had the build quality and the interiors quality been as good as hyundai it wud have not left ANY makt for the getz uva etc etc.

    well this is only my opinion about the build quality and the interiors , opinions always are subjective man

  3. listen u can have ipod compatibility even without usb port. just use the aux out and buy the cable from an electronic strore

    you can have the best of the best combo for 15000 bucks if u save money on a non usb system


    take the pioneer 4650 or 4000 series base unitt - 5500 with AUX out

    front speakers ideal wud be component speakers by pioneer or alpine but for this budget go for pioneer 4 WAY speakers - 35000-4000 bucks

    rear speakers by KICKER ( yes its better than sony jvc blaupunk and alpine - ) - 5500 bucks

    all these can be driven by an amp which u can save up money for later if u wanna add it

    the kicker speakers are good enuf not to require a SUB

  4. FRG

    stated correctly that the i10 is an upgraded santro. its even got the same wheel base and mesure the same from inside as the santro

    but FRG , ` i cant help comparing with swift due to its almost equal and in some models ,HIGHER prices!!!

    wish the swift had better interiors and there was no rattling . IT wud have ruled!!! actually im hoping and expecting swift to revamp its interiors at least the colur tones like what the getz has done

  5. pryas


    the getz now comes standard with beige interiors and wood grain finish all across mumbai

    D-lite - nothing "power"!!!

    Era - 2power windows and power steering

    Magna ( 4 power windows model) - 4.69lacs

    Magna (o) - 5.3 lacs abs safety air bags - (YES more than the swift vxi!!!!what the hell

    magna (o) with sunroof 5.7lacs

    All prices inclusive of everything Ex Mumbai


  6. My points to note are the following when i was comparing to the getz prime 1.1gvs

    engine is tiny to look at however packs the same punch as the getz prime 1.1.

    both are 66bhp and 1000nm torque and 1100cc

    the i10 car weighs 860kgs -925kgs

    The magna variant (the one comparable to the getz 1.1 gvs comes with 4 door power win) weighs 872kgs against the getz which is 995-999kgs, so theres almost 130kg weight difference. i guess that weight difference will contribute to slightly more pep in the i10 than the getz 1.1

    however the rear space inside of the i10 is the same as that of the santro and NOT the getz at all

    i checked the chasis it seems its built on the santro chasis more than the getz this was proved when i found out that the length and wheel base measurements of the i10 and santro are identical

    the unique thing is the gear shift that has been put onto the front console as FRZ said that makes u feel as if ur race car and is quite cool, however transmittion and smoothness wise the getz rules

    another new thing is that it has power assisted steeering ( not hydralic )

    not exactly l;ike marutis electronic steering but this one is motor driven power assisted so its kinda close - this will help on the milege front too

    the beige interiors give a roomier and more spacious feel ( however getz offers this too now ) . but quality of plastics in the i10 doors - not as good as the getz theyre quite like the swift or wagon R

    Price wise both are the same in mumbai

    getz is 4.8lacks less 10000 discount and the magna variant is 4.69 lacs all inclusive

    quite confused on which car to get now

    logic and practicality says the i10 due to its newer engine lighter wt but the getz interior qulaity is better and its more spacious too

    however milege wise the i10 is gonna win though i dont think by more than 1km/lt