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  1. Planning to BUY a SUV

    Go for an Innova. It is the best MUV around.

    Micra may just overthrow Fiat 500 as the cutest car in India.
  3. Indigo Manza launch Oct 14. Launched!

    That's really good news. Finally the much awaited Indigo Vista or Manza is here. Tata seems to be at their peak at this time. But who knows there might be more to come.
  4. Guess whos back back again?

    Hi!!!!! I'm back the second time! This time after 5 months! I was on a hiatus But i'm back and Active!
  5. New SKODA FABIA variant in Pune

    If somehow someone manages to BRAINWASH skoda, surely we may see the V//RS spec, cool.
  6. A-star Maruti's most fuel efficient hatch

    Hahaha! Nice one DD sir! Well, if you don't rev the motor hard, you getter better efficiency.
  7. MSIL Launches Swift Glam

    I guess a full beige interiors with a darker shade would have looked way better.
  8. Photoshop Thread.

    Okay, will work on it and make it better!!
  9. Photoshop Thread.

    Here you go guys, this is my Iron Maiden Civic concept- Original- By sparshq at 2009-06-28 Mod- By sparshq at 2009-06-28 Edits- new bumper, carbon bonnet, new alloys, z3 vents, litted lights, iron maiden decal. it looks really cool, to me!sparshq2009-06-29 07:49:13
  10. Photoshop Thread.

    Maybe, these slashes will make S-C-Class for 20L?? And S-C-Class should be the name of this variant.
  11. Photoshop Thread.

    Okay, my next mod is a pretty realistic one, and if this somehow reaches Mercedes-Benz, surely the S-Class can be made affordable. Check it out- Original- By sparshq at 2009-06-28 Modded- By sparshq at 2009-06-28 Now check out what iv'e done here- 1-First, I have turned the bumpers black, come on, the Luxury should be inside, not outside. 2-I removed out the Merc Logo which is on top. 3-I turned the grille to part black. 4-The ORVM's are black and the indicators are removed. 4-The black window tint is removed. 5-The headlamps are now normal yellow halogen. And of course there can be many more changes, I shall work on it a bit more.
  12. Confirmed: Jaguar-Land Rover

    Congrats TATA and thank you for bringing such a prestigious brand to our country. Cheers.
  13. Ritz or i10

    Go for i10 because it is a better all round performer than Ritz. It has a more peppy and driveable engine and despite being less on power, it is a better performer than Ritz. It has better interior quality as well, and space is almost at an equal. Ritz has better rear headroom and i10's front seat comfort is fantastic. i10 even looks better than the ugly duckling Ritz and it has better boot space too. It may be a li'l pricey, but for what you get, it's worth it.
  14. Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi set for July 2009 launch!

    Hey guys, it is not confirmed that whether a 90ps diesel will arrive or a 74ps diesel. ACI Magazine says we may get a 74 ps CRDi in interests of FE.
  15. Diesel hot-hatch

    The Alloys look sweet dude, and so does the Music System. In fact the whole car looks sweet.