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  1. Hey, I smoked out the Tailamps of the Linea, check it out- By sparshq at 2009-05-11
  2. Check out this extensively modified Fiat Linea!! By sparshq at 2009-05-11
  3. Please post that in the Indian Bikes or Imported Bikes Section. This is for cars only. And dude, SMS language isn't allowed in here, i think.sparshq2009-05-12 03:39:55
  4. Jazz looks superb in red. There's a pic of it during an ad-shoot in the previous topics.
  5. Insight's front end looks much better than the new prius. ALthough both are ' UGLY DUCKLINGS'!!!!!
  6. Iv'e said this many times before, if you wan't cheap, you have to sacrifice quality, if you wan't quality, you have to sacrifice cheap.
  7. But still, I being an Accent owner still recommend you to go for the Ikon or the Swift Dzire. Like DD said, accent is past it's prime. Now the Accent doesn't have the Performance, nor the Robust build of the previous 1.6 models.
  8. GM, won't go bankrupt, although they will suffer a huge loss.
  9. Hey Chevy is a GM employee...most of us think that. It is a common account. Please mods they are publicizing their company in our forum. Please take some action on them.
  10. The Landcruiser Diesel has a 4.2L V8 but manages to produce only 280 PS. What a bummer!
  11. Some of my favorite MPV's By sparshq at 2009-05-11 Citroen C4 Picasso By sparshq at 2009-05-11 Vauxhall Zafira Many more to come!
  12. Hey dude! I think you've posted almost every MPV around!! Hehehe....
  13. Thank you! I hope everyone likes it!
  14. Even I have a model of the same, that's why I have an idea.
  15. Yeah, Cruise control is an excellent feature, but maybe we Indians are not too comfortable, or we don't know how to use it. By the way, superb and different topic, 325i! Cheers!
  16. sparshq

    I'm Back!!

    Hehehe.....was that real or just a joke. Well if someone annoys crossing the limit, i may have to do some 'VERBAL DING DONG' as you termed. Just joking yaar, will try to discipline myself as much as I can. Hehehehe.....
  17. The FE of 15-16 will be on the highway DnDs. Please post some pictures of your i10.
  18. Yeah, even Piyush has a point. But a classy car needs classy features.
  19. Dzire won't get the K12M, because it will become too much underpowered and it's a hatchback motor. Maybe another motor is in line for the Dzire.
  20. I think they will barebones the Prius and sell it to us for 10 lakh
  21. Apollo Platinum looks like alloys of a concept car
  22. I don't know. If Maruti could give an Auto Box for Zen, Wagon R and Estilo, then why not higher end cars??
  23. There's a probability that there will be an Auto Box in the top end version of the car as an option, just like the City.