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  1. Boot is just marginally bigger than the A-Star's boot.
  2. sparshq

    I'm Back!!

    Thank you speed and DD sir!
  3. Accent's future is in doubt, so we recommend you to stay clear of it, although it's an excellent buy. THe best option for you is Swift Dzire or the Ford Ikon.
  4. Hey! Here's my PIMPED up Jaguar XFR! By sparshq at 2009-05-07
  5. I don't think the Ritz has better performance than the i10 kappa.
  6. NEW DELHI: Domestic passenger-car sales increased by 4.20 per cent in April to 1,02,899 units from 98,752 units in the same month last year. According to figures released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), motorcycle sales in the country during the month was up 12.11 per cent at 5,62,357 units as against 5,01,592 units in the corresponding month a year ago. Total two-wheeler sales in April also surged by 13.71 per cent to 7,00,995 units compared to 6,16,468 units in the same period last year. Commercial vehicle sales, however, decreased last month to 29,842 units from 33,626 units in the year-ago period, a fall of 11.25 per cent, SIAM said. Economic Times - 5/11/2009 How cool is that! Now, it seems that the Automobile industry is slowly recovering from the beating of recession!
  7. Toyota to launch its hybrid sedan, Toyota Prius in India Toyota has now confirmed that they are most certainly going to launch their Prius model in the Indian market in the coming years, making it the second hybrid car in India, first being the Honda Civic hybrid. Toyota Kirloskar: We are preparing to bring Prius into the Indian market though we have not set any timeline yet. In the run-up, we have to develop skills to service it and make spare parts available across the country. In the long-run, it is economical, with higher mileage and lower maintenance cost. We are confident of its acceptability in the Indian market as it runs both on electricity and fuel. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the 2008 Prius is the most fuel efficient car sold in the U.S. and according to the UK Department for Transport, the Prius is tied as the third least CO2-emitting vehicle on sale in the UK, and there are eight cars which are more fuel-efficient than it for the combined use cycle. The Toyota Prius The Prius is completely redesigned into a mid-size liftback which is between the Corolla and the Camry in size. The new Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) uses an all-electric compressor for cooling. Air conditioning is operated independently of the gasoline engine, an industry first. The Prius is the most fuel efficient car that Consumer Reports has tested giving a real-world fuel consumption of 5.35 L/100 km. The Prius
  8. sparshq

    I'm Back!!

    Hey Guys, after a mmmm......around a week long ban, i'm back to ACI forums! Sorry to everyone i've hurt with my rude words, in these seven days i've become a better and a much more kinder person and i've realised my mistake. Thank you Cyrus for repealing my ban. I was really missing this forum a LOT!! CHEERS!! Sparsh!
  9. Yeah, the Civic E did not have any equipment. Not even alloys! It's really good to see the Civic S back as it has been the top selling model of the Civic and it is sure to boost up the sales.
  10. Hey, Get the latest Apollo alloys ranges. . I just checked them out at Ambience Mall as a promotional venture. The Apollo platinum alloys are absolutely marvellous and look exactly like a Concept car alloys. I don't know anything about the price though.
  11. even i'm modding some more, will post by day after
  12. Good news, X3's first rival is around the corner. And then we have the Audi Q5 and the Volvo XC60 coming up as well. So we must be well prepared for a brutal shootout sometime later in ACI.
  13. Carispassion The Kappa is more fuel efficient than the i10 IRDe Epilson engine. 1.2 Kappa clearly beats K10B. Go for the i10 kappa, best hatchback in India.
  14. Yeah,it's best you stick to Innova Diesel
  15. Ab aaya na line pe! Xylo is a budget carrier but is simply unmatched in it's class, which does not include the Innova.
  16. LOL So Xylo is doing justice to it's slogan. Looks like it is really killing the Logan Sedan.
  17. Sujith You can try the Daewoo Matiz. A 2003 costs around 75,000 given it has worse resale value. Or you may try a 2002 Fiat Siena or Petra. You can have one for around 1.05 to 1.15 lakhs.
  18. Wow! If pardeepg is regular at this Forum, he can lead the going on fight against Honda. Yeah, contacting Autocar is your best bet.
  19. Flippy, are you not from India?? Go for the Ikon Vikas, brilliant car, brilliant engine!
  20. Oh! Looks like your'e great time with the MACHO has been cut short. It seems that your Car has a Manufacturing defect.
  21. Nimesh, a fault in there. The Ritz doesn't have a KB series engine. It is the KM series engine as I know. And WTH?? No A/C on LXi/LDi??? No Steering mounts on ZXi/ZDi???
  22. i10 sportz has the following features magna does not have- Alloy option Sportz Badge 2 DIN music system Airbag option Different Fabrics/Leather Rear Spoiler ABS option i think So a fully loaded Sportz would be good and it will just be postitioned below i10 asta, which is also a good deal.