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  1. Why have you hid the logos?? It may be the Fabia Sport or the Fabia Combi.
  2. Congrats on your new car! It is any day better than the Jazz!
  3. Hahahahahahah! Predator you make me laugh!! Sedan vs Hatch, senseless!!
  4. Well, there has been no significant change to the sales of Swift as it always sells 7500+ per month, nor has i10 taken a beating, which has sold 11000+ units per month, so it is obvious that A-Star sales have taken a beating.
  5. No, it is a competitor to the Corolla, Civic and Jetta Diesel here.
  6. I know, its really cool, saw it in the latest ACI, there's also a Ritz-Swift comparo and ACI says Ritz is better but personally I like Swift.
  7. Wow! The Bravo looks cool, even cooler than GP, but it is in a different league.
  8. It is based on VXi and ZXi petrol versions I guess, I think a small premium will be charged over the regular editions. It is available in VXi or ZXi trim only, LXi is the regular one.
  9. Hey guys, I just saw this in today's newspaper, the MSIL has launched a new limited edition of the Swift called the Swift Glam. This is a VERY LIMITED EDITION as quoted by MSIL and has a dual tone interior with beige dash and upholstery, it has wheel caps of a new design, a rear parcel tray and color coded ORVM's in addition to the regular features. It has two new colors namely Arctic White and Goldsmith Black. No info on the prices yet. By sparshq My take on this- Looks like MSIL has launched the LE to somehow reduce the beatings the Swift has taken from the Ritz. But I think it's high time we had a facelift.
  10. Ritz is not gonna get you any awards for beauty, but it is an overall better car than the Swift.
  11. sparshq

    Engine Awards

    I think an engine which should have received an award was the 3.0L TFSI which is in the new A6 Quattro.
  12. Hey guys, sorry for not being online since a few days, 2 days back I came across a WHITE COLORED CHEVY CRUZE being tested in SOUTH EX 1 in NEW DELHI!!!!! It was in the opposite lane so no pics, all Delhites keep your eyes open!!!!
  13. A M800 wth lowered bumpers, skirts, window tints, carbon bonnet, stickers and new alloys. By sparshq
  14. Yet another edit of the same insight- By sparshq
  15. The torque produced is actually brilliant.
  16. Wow! Now that is a looker! Wish I could get my hands on 1.
  17. Please will someone look into the malware thing????sparshq2009-06-13 15:43:18
  18. LOL RSSH, crook! hahahah!!! By the way- Here you go, a concept of the Honda Insight- Original- By sparshq at 2009-06-13 Mod- By sparshq at 2009-06-13 Mods done are- Lower Bumpers front and rear, side skirts, honda, brembo and ABT Logo, window tints added rims. Cheers!
  19. Just a slight edit to the same Contessa- By sparshq at 2009-06-13
  20. Juggernaut- Comparing a Jetta to an Indigo is utter stupidity and is not sensible in any way.
  21. Here is a slightly modded contessa, - lowered bumper, merc logo added, nameplate change and window tint and headlight eyebrows. </a> By sparshqsparshq2009-06-13 08:14:51
  22. I think I did it a tad too neatly.
  23. When is the facelifted Teana coming which was mentioned in Jan 2009 issue? Is it launched??