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  1. @bluesapphire that's what I am trying to say!
  2. well ritz is swift sized, just a little bigger, and swift is bigger than the i10, cant you see above??
  3. dual tone beige looks good, i don't think there was any kind of grey interior in Lx. Although there was a brown interior which now comes in the Getaway and also Fake Wood Interior. By the way, is getaway also getting a makeover like the new Scorpio?
  4. HUH???? HEY WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO FOOL US??? Toyota Aygo, Hyundai i10 are much smaller cars, and the UK people are used supercars, that is why they think Ritz is QUIET MS are surely taking India for a ride. Ground Clearance of Ritz is bad, bad, bad, even the Swift has more, the boot is TINY Interior quality is ACK!!!!!!sparshq2009-04-04 07:19:07
  5. @sharash' LOL he must have bought it by now
  6. Hyundai Accent GLS 2004 January [1.6 DOHC ABS] Gave me 921 kilometers on a full tank of 45 liters. Completely without Aircon, maybe a 25 kms with aircon. Gives me 614 kms on full tank with AC and stereo on. Pretty Awesome! sparshq2009-04-04 03:07:39
  7. Can I suggest another car? Why don't you try the Mitsubishi Outlander. It has great interiors, perfect seating position, it is a great on-road vehicle as well as an excellent off-road vehicle as well. The engine is as much fun to drive as the CR-V and the FE is not bad at all. It looks and is very compact, has better boot space than the other 2 and it can do the kind of off-roading the CR-V will do in AWD, it can do it in 2WD. Captiva is not meant for off-road. I suggest that you go for the compact and sporty Mitsubishi Outlander.
  8. I got the reason why the man wasn't bothered about the Vitara accident. I agree with all that he was a fool to go in for the VitaraXL-7. So he did realized his mistake and trashed his Vitara! The resale value would be so poor that he would rather destroy it than sell it.
  9. ritz has a greater length a shorter wheelbase. Because of this, the ride, handling as well as passenger comfort suffers. I have read in foreign top-gear magazines that neither the ritz is a quiet car, nor it is a fun to drive car. Neither it has oodles of space, nor it has good plastic quality. Neither it has a good boot space, nor the handling or looks. So what does it have? If Suzuki thinks that they can sell loads of these cars in India, then they are in illusion. This will end up like the Zen Estilo. After hearing so much criticism about this car, i'm not expecting too much from it.
  10. Congratulations Karan! Hope you have a great time with your city. Silver really looks cool, especially with that dark grille standing out. Good that you didn't take chrome grille. The chrome would not stand out on it. Chrome is best with black or red.sparshq2009-04-04 02:37:38
  11. Wow! The dual tone beige interiors are really cool. Black looked claustrophobic and shabby.
  12. hey anjan, did you go for the dual tone beige interiors or the full black interiors??
  13. @sujith Hey you! Are you 7.5 feet tall?
  14. I think Ritz should replace the WagonR or Zen. I doesnt have the quality to get in the premium hatch segment. People will prefer an empty honda jazz instead of a fully loaded ritz.
  15. the pics you have shown have climate control, alloys, airbags ,fogs as well as sat nav but this might be the top end model and i'm sure it wont come to india. The previous pics do not have airbag. I am still not sure these are alloys. And i absolutely agree with rahul.sparshq2009-04-03 11:28:10
  16. No BS, neither it has airbags, nor foglamps,no foglamp slot no allows nor climate control!
  17. yeah, it may be a test mule which they might have imported.
  18. it may lose many levels of equipment in order for toyota to get it at the right price.
  19. it is a coupe, but does it have a boot??? Honda insight is also inspired from this design, even the CR-Z Coupe. We shall get the face lift i think.....