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  1. looks like you're going for a lower end variant. But still sounds a good deal to me. By the way are you going for dual tone beige interiors or full black interiors?
  2. interiors aren't practical at all. I don't thing this will go very nicely with the indians. Just look at how the aircon knobs are placed! And no climate control on such an expensive premium hatchback? Although red colour jazz looks pretty good. The previous gen jazz was modelled on city i-dsi / zx This one is modelled on the current gen civic or ANHC. NO AIRBAGS??? sparshq2009-04-03 03:16:53
  3. wow! i know. Even i spotted a white prius somedays back but i couldnt recognize it. I thought it was some embassy car or something like that. It's interiors are the talking point, they're the best interiors in a toyota. But we won't get this version, we are gonna get the facelift which comes with a lot more equipment and better looks. BTW does anyone know the date of launch of the Honda Insight? I think it is sometime in mid 2011.
  4. hey docc, jus tell me that is the rear suspension leaf spring?
  5. i10 has good space at the rear, atleast more than the swift
  6. @ RKNG Nicely maintained indica! COOL ! you have a really nice corolla as well! is it indian or from outside??sparshq2009-04-02 11:16:54
  7. wow such a nice car, will try to post pics of my dads accent GLS 2004 January soon.
  8. yeah, i think it kind of does make sense. But if it is only for city use, dont go for the i20. If you want a fully loaded sedan, check out the Linea Dynamic O or Emotion O petrol since diesel doesnt justify your use,
  9. it may be the 0.8 litre spark. BTW in europe, chevrolet spark is known as chevrolet matiz
  10. yeah and if you dont think i20 magna is great, go for the i10 kappa asta. It is THE best hatchback in the market and i dont doubt that even a single bit!
  11. yay... i knew this would happen nano marks m800 and omines doom!
  12. @csnan that what happens when u dont make VFM cars.
  13. @ mehul bhp yeah i know, but i dont think that maruti suzuki is a master of tuning, they're incapable of producing a performer without anyones help. Their only job is to produce budget and economy cars and not concern about build, Performance, Comfort or anything like that. They concentrate only on Fuel Economy.
  14. nice, even i saw one parked in Siri Fort in New Delhi
  15. hey since i live in new delhi, i cant go hey those who go please click pics and post it on the forum! PLZ MY HUMBLE REQUEST TO MY DEAR FORUM MATES
  17. i bet the cutie will dethrone the 500 of its crown of THE CUTEST CAR OF INDIA!
  18. 1 litre di will certainly be underpowered because diesel engines cannot make so much bhp, so the power will only be around 35-45 ps which is definitely underpowered, see even the fiesta diesel makes 68 bhp after a 1.4 litre duratorq
  19. hondas are ek number ke conjuce they wont give equipment and will charge extra for it
  20. the getz gvs would be a great option for you, but if youre not convinced, go for the i10 asta or i20 magna
  21. my friend was tellin me that Fabia 1.2 PETROL elegance will cost 5.74 lacs ex showroom the base is 4.49 ex showroom [petrol] this he quoted from the ASIAN AGE Newspaper, its not confrmed
  22. yeah the glx version is around 30000 less than the price of i20 magna but it has virtually everything the magna variant has, audio system, ABS, Airbag and a host of other features. But rather than the Getz GLX, you can go for i20 magna