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  1. yeah, its in the april issue as well
  2. Yes this is true. This shall happen in another two years or even earlier. My choice would be Getz GVS as it is a really great performer and has good solid interiors as well. It looks the sleekest out of the three and has excellent rear space. Swift Lxi is a good performer as well as a superb handler. But the build quality is disappointing it it is a barebones car. With nothing but power steering and ac [ dont criticise me if i'm missing out something] as standard. If getz is not your deal, then this isn't as well. The U-VA offers mammoth space at the rear. But the seats are not comfortable. The U-VA is a reasonable good performer, but lacks the flair of the getz or the handling of the swift. Interior quality is also not great. If i were to choose between the three, i'd go for Getz for it's performance,sheer space class and looks.
  3. yeah absolutely! i20 is currently the talk of the town and everyone is looking forward to it considering your budget, you can go for fiat linea active
  4. if we make a petition, we can persuade fiat to bring in LT JET engine if the lt jet comes, it will be pricey, around 10 to 12 lakhs but fiat can justify themselves for the HIGH pricing because they are selling a mammoth of a car at such a cheap price! @spearhead SOURCE PLZsparshq2009-03-30 10:16:56
  5. the front bumper seems to be a carbon fiber one,
  6. Yeah! The reva is already a mini, isnt it?
  7. a star diesel doesnt seem pretty exciting to me either a star sales shall go down or swift sales shall take a beating
  8. yeah really, ppl will go for linea if it is not correctly priced
  9. my uncle has done 200 on my accent on mumbai pune highway the needle touched the 200 kmph mark
  10. linea is as big as a laura, even a bit more i think abarth linea essese or the LT JET variant which has 150 bhp and 303 nm of torque should come it send accord and sonata, laura jetta crying in the corner of the room.
  11. @nim12esh i get your point, but the ANHC is just marginally overpriced, just around 70000 but see the i20, see the fabia, the fabia will see a price reduction, as in today's paper from may, It will have the elegance version for 5.74 lakhs ex showroom. Even the i10 asta o has an ex showroom price of 5.61, so if the base jazz comes for above 6 lakhs which will be barebones, how can you expect it to sell??
  12. yeah even i'm editing a line, will post pics soon
  13. oye! why did you delete my post! ok dont bother jazz really looks cool, altough it is short on equipment. i-vtec engine is a stunner although i dont know why there are no alloys it looks do it justice, but that isnt enough to convince indians. The first thing they want is VALUE FOR MONEY! and if jazz is priced above 6, and alloys, foglamps and other stuff is not availible, i dont expect it to sell well.
  14. POST DELETED. If you can't type properly, please don't post at all. Take a look at the rules and regulations of the forum before proceeding further. Further posts will be deleted without any notifications. FuelRunGod2009-03-29 08:13:31
  15. No i dont think so 1.0 litre DI does di stand for Diesel Injection or something like that??
  16. best of luck with your scorpio!! go!!! bully all the cars in the road!! plz post pics as well!
  17. go for the indigo cs dicor it atleast offers the pleasure of a sedan
  18. sorry its not 500 its 5000
  19. yeah, the petrol sold around 500 units in Feb, as of autocar april 09
  20. wow!! cool archit! Just remove the scorpio written and the honda badge and add a ferrari 1 but it also looks like some sort of suv or crossover