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  1. A STAR DIESEL SPOTTED AGAIN TOO FAST!!! BLEW MY HEAD! THIS TIME ON MATHURA ROAD VARIANT- LDI WHEN THE DRIVER SAW ME TRYING TO CLICK PICS, HE RAN AWAY THAT MAGGOT!!!! I could notice nothing vital, sorry It was white and number plate less there was 1.0 di written on the door beside the wheel like the wagon r, now i'm sure that the a-star diesel i coming! Dear i10 This letter is sent to you from your great fan Sparsh. I just wanted to inform you that a diesel a-star is about to attack you. Be prepared my friend. I think your kappa is so good that it can send a-star crying home. But just incase you have your doubts, ask papa hyundai to get you a baby diesel. Best of Luck! Sparsh LOL! How was that!
  2. THe mitsubushi evolution x is coming in late 2009 i think the lancer sedan is coming in 2010
  3. here u go guys, nissan micra OOOOOO SOOOO CUTE!! This may just replace fiat 500 as the cutest car in india
  4. thanks a lot, but actually i've seen it but i wanted to see it on road let us create a new thread in which we can post pics of new upcoming cars!
  5. i wanna see sandero, it looks striking
  6. Palio multijet was and is a great car. But the 1.3 litre multjet may have led to its failure, because fiat started sourcing these engines to tata, maruti etc. And sadly, these engines worked better in Swift and Vista than in Palio , thus customers preferred them over palio. If fiat had not sourced these engines, there situation would be much better and palio would be reckoned as a good car. The swift dzire sales are also totally dependent on the diesel DDiS. Petrol is not so great. The dzire began selling in great nos in ts first month, much to the credit of the diesel. It may be too early to comment, but linea being an excellent VFM, it mst sell in better numbers. If Dzire did not have multijet, linea would be selling better than Dzire, because its just much better. This might have been cause of fiat failure over the last 3 years. But looks like fiat will change it forever this year.
  7. go for the mahindra xylo e8 or e6 it's better loaded than any, i repeat any car of its budget and its more spacious than a TATA SUMO, so go for it!
  8. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Gr8 one Sudan! The Alto's 30th year marks it's DOOM! NANO is Here!
  9. i think, the i10 magna kappa is your best bet, is an awesome performer, outstanding fuel efficiency, best in 2 classes interiors, and also great space and looks it may not be able to porvide the FE of a CNG, but still nothing gets close!
  10. i doubt your prices since beat is a competitior to a-star and i10, possibly swift as well, so its price is rumoured to be around 4 lakhs, 3 is just too less! Since toyota is a premium brand, it expect the prices to be in 4-5 range, but it will be VFM Maini Reva will cost 6 lakhs above, confirmed by AUTOCAR Bajaj car will increase its price for sure, cant be lesser than 2 lakhs unless bajaj uses the hells most cheap materials and cheap engine
  11. if you want a sedan, and space is what matters to you, and you dont bother about anything else, i suggest you go for Logan but if the same with hatchback, go for AVEO UVA, it can only compete on basis of space, rest all is mediocre
  12. 45000 rupees discount on indigo xl and also free acessories worth 5000
  13. hahahahahahahahhahahahahah!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! LOL FOOL HE IS!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!HAHAHAHAHAH!!
  14. i hate ratan tata he makes a barebones nano for indians and a fully loaded nano for europeans! bloody indian traitor *****!
  15. HOW CAN THEY CHANGE THE SIZE OF A HANDSOME AND DASHING CAR JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ONE COUNTRY??? I dont think it'll happen. grande punto will come as it is and one more thing, if the VGT diesel comes, linea will turn into a MONSTER and bite into sonata, jetta and laura
  16. phew! what about xover?? that also looks like an MPV
  17. current one means the civic facelift or the outgoing i dont find a gr8 difference between the two, the new one just looks a bit more sleeker with that grille
  18. hey i wud like 2 correct u sumwhere sunroof is optional with i10 even auto box is optional with i10 swift vxi does not have airbags both i10 and swift have abs option i dont think swift vxi gets alloys leather seats are optional in kappa
  19. FOR GODS SAKE THIS VAN CANNOT REPLACE SAFARI! wow, tata got a screen on indicruz
  20. hiccup! tata, say HYE!! or TA-TA
  21. if u need a car nw, go for the i20 asta, it is a class leader although not the best car 2 frive, but spacious and brilliant vfm
  22. well none of the speculations r 100% only some are CARS LIKELY TO COME is my topic not CARS SURE TO HIT THE ROAD