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  1. @rahul yeah right lets get the data from arai itself
  2. personally i love the outlander fuel efficiency crv-7 and 11 outlander-9 and 12 captiva-8 and 13 since its a diesel
  3. my score outlander-9/10 crv-9/10 captiva-6/10
  4. HERE IS THE ULTIMATE SHOOTOUT THREAD! Let us all carry the shootouts and comparison test here CHEVROLET CAPTIVA LTZ VS MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER VS HONDA CR-V 2..4 A/T I think the winner should be outlander because it has an excellent ride, best in class interiors, a superb rockford fosgate 9 speaker music system with subwoofer. Besides, it is an excellent handler and is the best off roader too. It has very compact yet extremely spacious dimensions and a tremendous steering wheel. The 2WD and 4WD ignition system is revolutionary and very very capable. The gearbox isnt the best but is good enough. Talking about Chevrolet Captiva LTZ, they actually havent improved, the AWD is useless, the auto box lacks poke and is lethargic. Steering is vague and over assisted, and interior design is unexciting but the quality is high. The seats are comfortable and the styling of the car is extrovert,but the captiva finds itself lacking some features like steering mounted controls nad i'm not sure it has usb connectivity as well. Some people also call it a meagre copy of the CR-V. CRV is a car that has proven it self. With those looks and being car like to drive, it is the favourite choice of the soft roader fans. Although it can't do no major wonders off road despite having an all wheel drive. The 2.4 i-vtec guzzles up petrol like what! The interiors are great and quality is top notch but ride is stiff and can be irritating. The steering is just great. Captiva can be left behind. But if Outlander wants a battle , let it be with the CR-V. Final Verdicts Interiors This is a very tough one, all three have great interiors but all three have faults as well. We won't count the faults but I think Outlander and CR-V can share this trophy. Captiva has dull and unexciting interiors and quality is not as great as the other two. Exteriors Again the CR-V and Outlander share the crown. While the CR-V looks majestic and luxurious, Outlander is compact and sporty. Captiva looks good but has an uninspiring design. Equipment Well this one is for Outlander.It offers the most equipment at a reasonable price. Performance CR-V. Although the Outlander is excellent, CR-V is just better by 1/4th of 1/4th. Off Road Ability Outlander. Anyday. It can do everything in 2WD that even the others cannot do in AWD. That should clear it all. Refinement CR-V. The i-vtec is a silent engine. Although the MIVEC is also great, it just makes a little more noise. Comfort All three deserve this award.
  5. and in the above post, it wasnt 200, it was 2000
  6. i dont know, it is wearing off, the vxi version was bought by the travel agent for 5.65 lac l with leather seats as standard. I'm not talking about the switchgear, its the metal disc on the top. The rotary knobs rattle badly, and the slver coat knob for volume and power for music system is wearing off I might not like the quality of sond because i have a better music system in my car Looks like its the fault of the travel agent and not the car sorry for critising it
  7. maini reva i also looks good Have you seen the i20 in red no marroon? It embarrases the hell out of i10!
  8. o cum on everyone knows nanos comin in 6 days!
  9. oh come on, nano anyday, youre gonna get much more equipment and space in the top end space coz its a tall boy
  10. yeah...right multijet isnt noisy given the exception of linea ddis shud come on the ritz and jimny if it is launched
  11. if the 153 bhp engine comes, then there is no doubt about it
  12. i10 anyday, altough if fabia nad i20 were there, i would give them my vote
  13. karan, have you ever seen the linea face to face???? its 65 mm longer than the octavia and as long as a sonata!
  14. and 1 more thing guys, my name isnt sparshq, its sparsh, added q bcoz profile name existed
  15. @karan i have heard a lot of news and honda insight is sure to launch by mid 11, just because the prius is coming, altough the prius is marginally better, insight is much much cheaper. The main car i wanna see is the Yaris i just love that thing
  16. ????? its not mine btw, its my dad's official ride
  17. @jbond830 the xover and the indicruz are completely different xover is a crossover while the indicruz is more of an estate or mpv like the marina
  18. maybe if linea does well, than even palio sales are to rise
  19. i think linea is capable of challenging sonata laura and jetta, same cant be said about the accord though
  20. my fathers official car is a swift dzire vxi the interiors are cramped, rear bench cramps badly! Leather seat quality is bad,the car is barely 5 months old, and the seats are torn! the sound system isnt too good, and the rotary ac knobs rattle! The shiny gear box has worn out and boot quality is worst in class! Ac vents feel cheap and the plastic too! Give a thud to the steering and its cover pops out! Besides that even noise is bad and there is continuous rattling and creaking. It's only done 200 kms! What can you expect from suzuki??
  21. petrol is disappointing, it struggles on the highway, you can go for ldi or vdi diesel rocks
  22. Ahum! OOPS! Actually i wanted 2 type 2.5 looks like a typo but still it has a longer list of specs than any other hatchback!
  23. you know what go for the corolaa altis top end! it has an excellent ride, the engine is as quiet as a slapped kid and its deccent to drive too! If youre going for the linea multijet diesel, be warned! The engine is SHATTERINGLY LOUD! Go for the fire petrol, it's sluggish, but comfy and quiet, and btw , youre gona b chauffered right?
  24. sujith i am not criticising the fiesta, i'm just saying that it is FRUGAL BUT UNDERPOWERED and linea is just too new to be judged, read my psot in the linea welcome thread, i sat on the multijet yesterday