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  1. List of upcoming cars from 2009 to 2011 Audi A6-2010 late Audi Q5-2009 mid Chevrolet Beat-2009 late Chevrolet Aveo Sedan-2010 Chevrolet Cruze-September 2009 Renault Sandero-2009 Ford Fiesta Hatchback-2010 Fiat Bravo- December 2009 Fiat Punto- June 2009 Honda Jazz-June 2009 Honda Insight-2011? Hyundai Santa Fe-2009 Mercedes E-Class-late 2009 Mitsubishi Evolution-2009 Nissan Micra-2010 Nissan Teana Facelift-April 2009 Nissan X-Trail Facelift-2009 Nissan Qashai-2009 Nissan Murano-2009 Proton Savvy-2010 Proton Gen-2-2010 Proton Saga-2011? Proton Persona-2011? Porsche Panamera-late 2009 Suzuki Ritz-May 2009 Suzuki Kizashi-2010 Suzuki A-Star Diesel-????? Suzuki Wagon R- Facelift --2009 Suzuki Versa Facelift-2009 Suzuki Jimny-Late 2009? Skoda Fabia Combi, Sport-2009 Skoda Laura Facelift-May 2009 Skoda Yeti-Late 2009 Tata Xover-2009 Tata Indicruz-2010 Tata Indigo Elegante-Mid 2009 Tata Indigo Vista-April 2009 Tata Safari Facelift-?????? Toyota Prius-Late 2009 Toyota Fortuner-September 2009 Toyota Yaris-2010 Toyota Lexus Range-2010 Volvo XC60- Mid 2009 VW Up!- 2010 VW Polo-2009 late VW Passat CC-mid 2009 VW Golf-2009 VW Beetle-October 2009 VW Tiguan-2009 Thats all i cud find
  2. where is the honda city???
  3. heard fuel efficiency may be 8-10 on road and 10-12 on highway which is pretty good for a huuuuuge car being carried on a puneee engine! I think the linea is superb and if they raise the price, it shudnt really matter, if the linea goes head to head with jetta laura and sonata, it is sure to down their sales. Wish there was a bit more headroom. Sat on a linea yesterday, the seats are spacious!
  4. i havent even seen 1 on road!
  5. sorry, but i dont think so there was a 2 door version of the zen flopped altough the a star case may be different
  6. its not a crossover, its just a silly *****ic supermini thats wat the us and uk magzines say
  7. @sujith fiesta diesel not gonna take ne1's market, cant be said about linea fiesta diesel is frugal, but underpowered, only 68 BHP!
  8. @spearhead not sure, altough there wasnt a number plate, there was red sticker, as seen in test cars. Suzuki must have thought that bystanders would not notice and think of it as a regular a-star. THe thing which i noticed was the biegish interior, and then i saw the rear
  9. but i dont think the vista indigo shud be launched, i think it may launch alongside the nano. it shudnt because it will affect indica vista sales. Indica vista hasnt even sold 10,000 units and tats already launching the indigo vista. It's best for a 2010 launch. Till then even indica vista will become a familiar car
  10. no, i live in south delhi, went to some1's place go to noida occasionally
  11. its mind blasting!!!! heard it guzzles up petrol like drinks
  12. thanks, but jazz has already been spied and it is in the march issue gp has also been spied and is in the march issue
  13. the interior quality was lookin good tata surely improved
  14. no, no pics, my driver di'dnt have a camera phone, i wasnt carryin mine.............if i knew you could spot testing cars here and there, i would always carry 1
  15. if performance is concerned, i20 loses out to swift, but ride, braking, space, cabin aand a 225 page long list of specs, you might just think twice
  16. altough i jus luv the 1.9 tdi in the octy, fiat shud purchase it and start it in the linea
  17. if the 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol which produces 121 bhp comes to india, it'll turn the city into a flopster, skoda octy and laura r in danger 2!
  18. chevrolet optra srv oooo...its a damn comfy car, looks sporty and upmarket and cool! Let down by a fool's pricing Daewoo Nexia was the most technologically advanced car in it's time It had 2 airbags, abs, 16 valve dohc, climate control, auto box, integrated music system and many more creature comforts I never came to know why this car flopped..........
  19. sorry dats the expected ldi cost, zdi gotta go around 6 lacks
  20. @spearhead it doesnt have a GOOD image, but it doesnt have a bad image 2, but a noisy diesel may make it bad
  21. YES it was moving at a slow speed, n my car 2, so i managed to note some vital statistics! And one more thing, swift doesnt have a zdi version, so is a swift zdi coming 2??
  22. A star diesel has just been spotted! This was near noida expressway! The variant was zdi and god damn, it was makin a hell lot of noise! I don think it shud come 2 india or it'll spoil the a stars image, the only changes were steering mounted audio controls, leather seats, a new colour of dashboard and climate control, like the sx4. It caame with a spoiler, so when can we expect the star
  23. go for the i10 kappa asta, it whacks the hell out of the other 3
  24. anyone for zen estilo?? Such a smart car, let down by a mushy g'box I thought it'll rock the sales charts coz itz a great vfm
  25. @mehul ooooo.....i don think so linea already taken dat spot and tell u what, its around 60 mm longer than the skoda, octavia shud be discontinued