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  1. lineas a super hit! at least dats wat autocar magzine says sld 1512 units as written in march 2009 issue for month of jan
  2. looks like nano is set for indian roads. Spotted an nano yesterday near ahmednagar! It was blue, full blue with bumpers and it looks stunning! the driver saw us clickin d fotos and he accelerated, god damn! It was sooooo excellent, seemed pretty zippy too! Has a central console speedo like the vista and the interiors were full biege, with ac vents which cand be shut fully. It was a power steering as he was easily driving it. Rear wheel drive and small size were noticable. I noticed a console mounted music system too! So could this have been the top end variant???
  3. well i think that the top end variant of the diesel nano will cost 2 lac lol