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  1. Yeah, 400-500 units per month would be benchmark sales.
  2. Oh wow! The Car looks handsome in Silver and the alloys look smokin hot!
  3. Exactly, now everytime i login here, i am flooded with virus alerts.
  4. Hey, since it is the season for Honda Jazz, check out my view of it! Original- By sparshq at 2009-06-12 Modded- By sparshq at 2009-06-12 The mods done are- Lowered Bumper and Skirts, carbon fiber grained hood, smoked out headlamp and flared wheel arches notice carefully.
  5. Hey by normal steering wheel, do you mean by non-power steering wheel eh??? Which model steering wheel is it? Because VXi has silver trims on steering wheels while the others don't.
  6. X6 looks like bad from front, at 45 deg angle from back, it looks the best.
  7. 3 looks cool, 5 looks hot, 7 looks like a beast. Personally I just love the looks and stance of the BMW 5 Series.
  8. Polo Polo Polo! Well that has to be an excellent car! Atleast better than the Jazz. And anybody would love owning a car from the VW stable for just 5-6L.
  9. No, actually this info is copy pasted from Cubiccapacity thats why it sounds like it is from a salesperson. and Swift VXi is no salesman.
  10. You can always increase your budget a li'l bit and check out the TSI Superb, that would be perfect.
  11. Well, Jetta can be ruled out although the Comfortline Variant is superb. The power difference between the 1.9 and the 2.0 is 35 bhp for the Laura, go for the 2.0, it is a better bet.
  12. Yeah, the front end is completely ugly. Honda didn't do the styling right, ootherwise it's a good car albeit for 26-29L.
  13. Well you can say that most features available in a Premium hatchback are NOT there!!!! It does not have ACC, Foglamps, something which even the Nano has, no alloys??? And they charge 8L for an engine and magic seats??? I don't think Jazz even has a fraction of the Features of the i20.
  14. Nice, so the Ikon still is a proven good car. You might be having a great time, I envy you.
  15. The Fortuner is a diesel car. Hey I think the CR-V has ad a price hike of like 4-5L so it may be out of your budget. Looks and style wise, VFM, spacious, all your requirements seem to point towards the Outlander, you can always take a TD.
  16. Well, the Jazz ain't a VFM, but still it has set a benchmark in terms of practicality and space. But if this price is for a 1.2L i-VTEC, imagine what the price will be for the 1.5L i-VTEC when it comes after a few months. Seriously waiting for the Polo, it is a rocking car and probably will be the best hatchback ever, only if VW gets the pricing right. I think in the future, the Jazz may see a rival in the VW Golf when it comes in 2010 as it will be a premium hatchback and in a segment above the Polo.
  17. Hey how do we get the Special License?
  18. Jazz has seriously jazzed up Indian Automotive Market with it's price. Is DZCC or ACC and Alloys available on any variant?
  19. In Petrol the best SUV is Outlander, it just rocks.
  20. It would do you best to wait for the Fortuner coming in September. It would be a class-leader.
  21. Yup, 8L on-road is pretty much possible. It is OTT for a hatch, and while Honda thinks this is a new benchmark for luxury, we think it is mere stupidity. Let's hope this talented car does not end up like the SR-V.
  22. Speed I would disagree with you on your ride rating of SX4. It has a worse ride and the poorest on a sedan ever. Probably because of huge ground clearance and massive tyres.
  23. Okay sirs, just cut the fight off! I think TSR, your friend will be happy with an i10 1.1 so you can recommend it to him.
  24. I think E has been discontinued and S has been revived because it is more VFM.