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  1. Fiat is working hard to earn customer trust and to improve ASS. And the results are clearly visible.
  2. sparshq


    Welcome man! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Diesel is surely more fun to drive. Jazz should be a good car but the pricing is sucidal.
  4. What do they mean by the Magic Seats? Are they the seats which fold upwards? That is no magic.
  5. No there is still some body roll in Scorpio but the stability has definitely been improved over the previous version. I shall rank the cars on basis of ride comfort- Linea Fiesta Verna Scorpio SX4
  6. Come on dude, the ride is way better than the Dzire. Just have been around in a couple of Scorpios in Bihar and the overall refinement and ride comfort is way better than the Dzire. Although the legroom of the Scorpio is not really good for an SUV.
  7. It's just been around 20 days of the car's launch and I have already started spotting considerable amounts of them on the road. Looks like MSIL is receiving good feedback for the Ritz.
  8. Cedia is a good second hand buy. I have seen a particular Cedia version 'Sports' near Siri fort which makes a whooping amount of noise which also enters in my car's cabin. Anyways i hear that the Cedia is a too boring car to drive.
  9. Go for a Xylo E8. It is just cheaper than the quoted price of the 2nd hand Innova. And add another 20,000 bucks to get yourself ABS.
  10. Fabia would considerably be out of your budget. Getz CRDi is the best bet.
  11. What the hell?? If a regular 750Li has 410 bhp, and a 760Li has a V12, then what will the M7 have? 1001 bhp with 20 Cylinders???
  12. I have only three words to describe this 'marvel' of disastrous work- 'YUCK YUCK YUCK'
  13. There were no airbags in the ZX even in the V-TEC.
  14. Why hasn't i20 been launched with an Auto option?
  15. Exactly. This might have been to avoid clashing of prices of the two cars.
  16. Oh no tunnu you are totally mistaken. The i30 is a hatchback and the Verna is a premium sedan so no chance of Verna being phased out. Although same can't be said about the Accent.
  17. Nice find dude. Yup, even to me it feels as if the Beat and the Ritz share the same platform. And as it is pretty bigger than 'rival' i10, it may just end up becoming a rival of the Ritz.
  18. Wanted!!! Manish Sarser aka FRG Ran off on a Cross-country drive with a Maroon Ford Ikon. Last Spotted near India Gate in New Delhi two weeks ago. Whosoever has any information on FRG's whereabouts please contact- The Autocar India Forums ACI
  19. Hey, this mod of mine is wicked and weird. Some may like it some may laugh and some may hate it, but check it out!! By sparshq
  20. Getz CRDi may bee a bit on the expensive side, but it is totally a bang-for-buck car and you will fall in love with the engine.
  21. Yeah, even I am about to add these to the ORVM's of my car.
  22. You know what, the Honda Jazz base is priced at 12L INR in UK.
  23. Hey, Guys, don't you think that Cyrus would be a better ambassador for Punto rather than Yuvraaj Singh?? Just Jokin...