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  1. Hey, Juggernaut, Getz CRDi is an excellent option. Go for it if nothing else.
  2. DD, you are mistaken. The City has come almost every time into the top 10 since it's launch. I am not seeing the top ten chart in the magazine since May, i don't know why. The city sold 2800 units is April 09.
  3. City is a perfect choice. Go for it without hesitating.
  4. Heh? Oi Cyrus how many cars do you want, you already have 10!! Well there is an SS80 M800 near my house, but it's in 'KATTA' condition and I don't know whether the owner would sell it or now. Looks like Cyrus, you wan't to hold an auto expo entirely of your cars!!
  5. But, guys, just look at his running, he needs a diesel, and the only options are a 2 year old Sonata diesel or a Hyundai Verna Auto, but both are exceeding his budget.
  6. Well, since your running is around 1500 kms per month, you obviously need a diesel. And the only diesel automatic within 10L is the Hyundai Verna Auto. But that is out of your budget at 10L on-road price. So, you might have to stretch your budget to 10L. If you think a petrol is fine, you can check out the i10 Kappa Asta Auto.
  7. sparshq

    Fiat 500

    The 500 is a li'l superstar. The upholstery really looks cute. I can see a Grande Punto in the background of the aerial view picture, does that belong to you Guillame?
  8. My choice would be the Fiat Linea. If you want to know more about the car, take a li'l bit of trouble to go through the 'Welcome Linea' thread.
  9. Only ZXi comes with a dual tone dash which is color co-ordinating with the exterior color of the car.
  10. Even my comp detected malware but now its gone
  11. sparshq

    Fiat 500

    I think we have the Lounge and Sports Variants of the 500 here. And Audio controls are controls for your music system embedded in the Steering wheel. Wow, I can't believe that the cute chubby 500 is an economy car.
  12. Nice, csnana, please post the pics and details after your i10's arrival.
  13. sparshq

    Fiat 500

    OoOoOo! Hoow cute Guillame!! You really are very lucky! Enjoy your car to the fullest!
  14. Yup, its powered by a 652cc engine and will be terribly underpowered. The UV that will be launched may be a facelift of Grand Vitara and will come with a 2.4L Engine.
  15. Audi Q7 starts from around 55L Rs on-road. Audi Q7 is the highest selling model in the lineup of Audi cars.
  16. Hey Cyrus, is that your S63 AMG?? Doesn't look like it.
  17. sparshq

    Fiat 500

    Oh god! The 500 Abarth Essesse costs lesser than a regular 500 here!
  18. Sonata is a superb highway cruiser and is the most comfy out of the three as it was meant to compete with Accord and Camry but price cuts brought its price down. It has bad resale but it doesn't matter if your'e keeping the car for more than half a decade. Why don't you try the TSI version of the new Laura. It is not too pricey, so you can spend your remaining budget in accesories and it is a fun to drive car as well.
  19. Jaisha, i'll tell you how to get the pics in the forum. Go to my images, and click the share option for the image. Then you just have to click the first option, full link for forums with detail and without modifying the link, just paste it here.sparshq2009-05-24 11:31:52
  20. I think Cedia is a good deal but first have a look at the V//RS as well.
  21. sparshq

    Fiat 500

    SALUT!! No one kinda, owns a Fiat 500 here. Only around 100 are sold in India till now. It is expensive because it is a CBU import and because of high import duties. The fiat 500 comes with a 1.3L Multijet Engine. Congrats on your new Ride. Please post some pics of it.
  22. Lancer facelift will cost 12 lakhs. EVO X will retail for 30+ lakhs on-road.
  23. You really can't think of this as a good bargain. The monstrous service costs will kill you.
  24. sparshq


    Nexia was the most advanced car in India at the time of it's launch and still, is a very good car.