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  1. Both are good in their own aspects. Swift Dzire is usually better in the City. Accent rocks on the highway. Accent's FE is 9-11 in the City and 13-14+ on the highway. Accent CRDi was superb and my father was about to go for it, but it was out of stock. Accent has a best in class aircon, and the first level chills more than the fourth level of the Dzire. The level of equipment offered was superb!
  2. Yup, it has a host of convenient features like Remote Locking etc.
  3. Nice, but this Enzo looks cheaper compared to your other scale models.
  4. sparshq

    Small car

    Hey, i think your'e one of the few people in this world who don't find the i10 Kappa powerful and entertaining! I just love it!
  5. Very neat, but improve the fit and finish of the bumpers and skirts. They are merging excellently, but they aren't in proper shape from the bottom.
  6. Accent Bravo! Well it is outdated but sells more than 10,000 units per year as it is one of the best entry level sedans.
  7. Can you believe it?? This has become a popular topic with 88 views in such short time. But only 4 replies. Why? Because no one has had a proper answer for this question. Even I don't have one. Iv'e been dumbfounded by this question.
  8. It isn't really in the competition with bland interiors, numb performance, unexciting looks and features etc. Chevrolet is the biggest loser in making Petrol engines. Not even a single Petrol engine is good. It has nothing but a decent amount of space.
  9. Today spotted the first privately owned Ritz in town. Was a shade of Azure Grey and the Variant was Zxi. Pardon, no pics as it was going the other way.
  10. No!! Guys very very bad news. Those who like the Outlander's looks can die at this moment. Outlander is gonna get a facelift which will also come to India by the end of the year, and it looks hell ugly!! It really has spoilt the looks! The new grille comes from the Colt and it makes me pity Mitsubishi. They've done it all wrong! Outlander GT Prototype, yuck yuck yuck! By sparshq at 2009-05-22 By sparshq, shot with DSLR-A200 at 2009-05-22
  11. Well if you wan't features, safety and comfort, but you really don't want excellent performance, i20 is the one to go for, it has everything which a 15L car can have including 6 Airbags.
  12. Hey, the 2010 Swift has a REALLY TINY rear door, that means the claustrophobia factor of Suzuki hasn't been taken care of.
  13. Hey, it ain't fair! The 1.8L TSI is offered only in Ambiente variant! The new Laura should do pretty well, but may lose quite a few customers because of it's pathetic ASS.
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    Small car

    Go for the Getz if you think it's value, but beware that Getz me also stop production when the BS4 norms come into play next year.
  15. Yes, he quoted a minimum of about 3.2L but he told that the accessories shot the value quite higher. And I think Accent has a best in class resale value.
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    I spotted the test car a few days back. Will post the pics tomorrow.
  17. I have an Accent 1.6 DOHC with ABS 2004 without Alloys and the First Choice dealer quoted about 3.4 to 4.0 lakhs for it as it has run only about 31,000 kms and is in superb condition and there is a spoiler and also a Pioneer 2 DIN music system and we also are thinking of changing the steering wheel and get a i10, i20 magna steering wheel.
  18. Yeah, except the i10 and i20, all lower models of Hyundai don't have any god damn airbags. I think Getz CRDi is offered with ABS/EBD.
  19. Hey! I'm back and i'm doing some mods! Will Post soon!
  20. Yeah, but the wheel caps look superb and if you have excellent wheel caps like that, then you really don't need fancy alloys.
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    Small car

    Ye, the i10 Kappa will be perfect for your needs.
  22. This is a wrong thing done by Skoda. Iv'e been following this thread for like 2 months.
  23. Hey thanks Cyrus!! Brilliant job! Thanks for doing it! Alloys look stunning! But the Brake Calipers are on the wrong side! Hehe... And keep resting, Get well soon!sparshq2009-05-18 03:14:52
  24. Don't go by the looks. Colt is a sick car with sick performance, neither does it have interior space and quality, nor any driving pleasure. sparshq2009-05-18 03:10:05
  25. Mini MPV is usually has bigger dimensions than a hatchback. For Ex- Merc A-Class is a hatchback but is much bigger than any hatchback like Swift, i20 etc. So it's term is Mini MPV. Even Honda Jazz can be termed as a Mini MPV.