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  1. Hey, Cyrus, why don't you get this thread parked?
  2. Looks good, but the bumper and Accord Grille look too bulky for this car. The tyres are also not visible. You do it nicely, just improve the overall fit and finish.sparshq2009-05-17 08:19:20
  3. Yes, absolutely, if the car is in good condition. If the 2005 models for 8 lakh are Automatic, go for it, but if they aren't you could possibly try to bargain a little or go for a 2004.
  4. Yeah, please post the pics of the interior as well.
  5. What are you talking about? I think Linea has best in class interiors.
  6. I really look forward to the executive variant which is fully loaded mentioned by ACI.
  7. Omni O2 is actually an all new van being developed on the Versa platform and is not an Omni facelift. Omni and Versa are likely to be discontinued after launch of Omni O2.
  8. If she necessarily needs an MPV, go for a Versa.
  9. It's an excellent buy, after checking it properly, go for it.
  10. What?? From 5.5 to 6 upwards, then 7L ex-showroom, now 7.5L ex-showroom?? My god! Yeh Jazz ka kya hoga?? Jazz is killing itself with the pricing!
  11. Hey! Can anyone modify a Lamborghini Gallardo? Please small request! Cyrus, please can you do it?
  12. Hey Subzero, try to find an old Honda CR-V of model around 2005. You get auto for 7.5L-8.5L and manual for 7.0L-7.5L. Or you can try a 2004 Honda Accord for 8L
  13. Why did you revive SUCH an old topic?
  14. Hey, don't you think 60K is too high for a music system unless it is bang&olfusen or Bose/
  15. Thanks BS and Cyrus. Now even i'm starting to feel that i'm able to do my finishing better. I won't mod for some days now, since all my photoshops have expired. In some days, i'll get a new CS4 and then i'll be back!
  16. Check my modded ANHC!! By sparshq at 2009-05-15 Here, iv'e changed the color and given it a new bumper from the i30 and the new foglights. I also blackened out the headlights.sparshq2009-05-16 07:40:17
  17. It was written near the wheel arches '1.0L DI
  18. Ooh nice! Is that a test car or a personally owned one? Looks to me like a test car with the badging taped up!
  19. That's what you call an ugly looking creep!
  20. Q5 is a duplicate of Q7 shrunken into small size and 2 seats removed.
  21. Well I spotted the A-Star Diesel and it was not a CRDi. It was a plain 1.0L DI.
  22. VW Polo looks a good deal to me. I would pay 7L and get a fully loaded polo rather than a barebones 7L Jazz.
  23. Here you go, a Civic Facelift, with new bumper from Merc S-Class, carbon fibre hood and a window tint. By sparshq at 2009-05-15
  24. By sparshq at 2009-05-15 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO Just modified this slightly with dual tone cyan-silver paint and i've put this car into super speed motion and my Company's name has been put up as well. Copyright 2009 Camry Concept Mods. sparshq2009-05-15 15:26:46
  25. Front Grille?? Can you paste a pic of the Grande Punto Active?