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  1. Fiat Linea Diesel has one of the best performances after Verna diesel. I suggest you have a look at both the cars. Linea will offer you loads more equipment than the Verna. Both return around 13-14 in the city and 16-19 on the Highway. If you wan't performance and aren't really caring about lack of features such as Airbags, Steering Mounts, you can go for Verna CRDi Sx. It comes with ABS, and is the best in class performer. Linea is kinda, loaded to the teeth. Equipment. Latest Technology. The efficient multijet engine and super sharp steering. It is like around as big as a Skoda Laura but is for half the price. Looks are best in class. Performance is good and there is space also. The engine is a tad noisy, bt it doesn't bother. Quality is a step up from the Verna. Performance is very good, but not as good as the Verna, but the equipment, class and quality compensate for that. It also comes with many advanced bluetooth technologies called Blue and Me and technologies like My Car. If you wan't complete driving pleasure and monstrous acceleration, go for the Verna, but Linea is almost better in every other aspect. Personally, i would go for the Linea Multijet Emotion Pack. And please do not use SMS language in this forum.sparshq2009-05-15 06:40:23
  2. Oh now that's an awesome Honda Jazz! Cyrus, I guess you were born with this talent!
  3. Hey Nim12esh Is the Punto getting black bumpers on the Base variant?
  4. Buycar, you obviously can't go for city because you need a diesel with a running of 1000+ kms per month. I think you should wait for the new Mitsubishi Lancer which will come with a Diesel. And also, Innova is a car like MUV, but has cramped rear seats. I suggest you can also check out the Octavia but it has service issues.sparshq2009-05-15 04:46:10
  5. Optra Magnum has superb performance and comfort in Diesel, but the quality is not upto the mark. Skoda Octavia has a rocking diesel but has cramped rear seats. Octavia is a notchback ie sedan but boot opens like hatchback and has huge boot space of 550+ liters.
  6. You certainly need a diesel. So why don't you try the Tata Safari Vx 4x2?? It comes with ABS, Airbags, has best in class comfort and is Reasonably Fuel Efficient being a Diesel. Or if a Sedan is what you need, please check out the Hyundai Verna CRDi, Optra Magnum or the Fiat Linea.
  7. Yeah, youre lucky! We dream of the T-Jet coming to India!
  8. Yeah, the interiors have already been published in ACI, and that is the basis i'm commenting on them. TSI will be a cracker for sure.
  9. It is already mentioned in the previous pages by csnana that the site is up.
  10. I think too many cubbyholes in a car are not required. Like, look at the A-Star, it has cubbyholes all around the car, MSIL think those will compensate for the lack of boot space.
  11. Yeah, we are to see Jazz's doom if they price it to high, or offer us a 7L Spartan Cave.
  12. Yeah, i've seen the Estima is Vasant Vihar. It looks like Innova but is very big, thus giving an impression of a mini-bus.
  13. That's good news! Hey I see a timer on the corner of the photo! Isn't that a cool thing done by Audi. X3 is gonna have some tough competition now.
  14. The new laura looks cool but the problem is it's extremely dark interiors. The TSI will come with the 7 Speed DSG and will be awesome!
  15. Yeas, the Toyota Prius will hit our shores by the end of this year at a price of 15-16 lakhs. Currently the status of Civic Hybrid is completely unknown. Honda has stopped taking orders for the car.
  16. Yeah, the Suzuki Jimny would be the cheap and ideal off-roader for the youth of our country,if it comes to India, it shall not cost more than 4-5 lakhs and because of it's incredibly tiny dimensions, it's easy to maneuver in the city. And it's UK's best off-roader.
  17. I just love the different looks of the California, especially with the roof up, it looks amazing! Will this make it to the June Magazine??
  18. Yeah, its tough! No one can really decide between them. All are competent.In here, my favorites are GP, i10 and i20 but I just love Fabia's interiors.
  19. no its not back! the x6 is still here!
  20. Hey, which all cars does Ratan Tata have?? Does he go for a cruise occasionaly like this??
  21. Hey DnDs, we would love to see pics of your i10.
  22. Wow yaar! Nice spot! Congrats! Ferrari California has entered our country! Although It looks amazing with the top on!
  23. Looks good, although the same color matching problem is still there archit.
  24. 640x480 I resize the image and post it.