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  1. Well Verna's diesel is amazing and is not going to lose so easily. Duratorq can go home, it's not in the competition. The M16A VVT you are talking about is the engine used in the Swift Sport.
  2. Yeah exactly, just look at the way the chinese have copied these two. In some cases, people may not be able to distinguish between the original and the copy.Can you believe it, Geely has even copied the Rolls Royce Trademark , The Spirit of Ecstasy!! sparshq2009-05-13 06:36:36
  3. Yeah really, Great Wall Florid is a copy of the Toyota Yaris and a couple of more great walls are copies of some of the most famous cars. Some days ago, Geely Chinese motors showed of Geely GE, that's Geely Excellence, which is a complete copy of the Rolls Royce Phantom. Here are the pics- Rolls Royce Phantom By sparshq at 2009-05-12 Geely GE By sparshq at 2009-05-12 And The Toyota Yaris By sparshq at 2009-05-12 The Great Wall Florid By sparshq at 2009-05-12 I don't think what the Chinese are doing is right at all!sparshq2009-05-13 06:28:05
  4. Well, when you pay 7 Lakh for the BASE version of a HATCHBACK, you wan't it to be fully loaded like Alloys and all that stuff, but it won't come on the Jazz because it didn't come on the city.
  5. There has been a judicial case against the Great Wall Cowry. Daihatsu has lodged a case saying that it is a copy of their famous MPV, the Materia.
  6. Hey the new X6 is so awesome!!!!!! Nice one updaters!!!!!!! Woohoo!
  7. No, rssh, that's a city MPV, as said by Topgear.
  8. It's a tiny SUV. It is also being offered with a 1.2L TSI since it is very lightweight. 90 BHP is enough to pull this car nicely. It'll have monstrous acceleration with the 1.8L TSI which also comes with 4WD.
  9. Check out some of my favorite MPV's Cadillac BLS WAGON By sparshq at 2009-05-12 Subaru Outback By sparshq at 2009-05-12 Mitsubishi Grandis By sparshq at 2009-05-12 Ford S-Max By sparshq at 2009-05-12 Toyota Urban Cruiser By sparshq at 2009-05-12 CHEERS!!
  10. By sparshq at 2009-05-12 Source- Advertisement- TOI New Delhi 13-5-09 So now Tata is finding dealers for JLR. It seems that they have an employee shortage too. Now JLR's almost done, gearing up for India. Now after dealers are confirmed, JLR can enter anytime between July-September. Cheers!!
  11. I may not know a lot about Aerodynamics and stuff, but I do know that i10 is a more Aerodynamic car than the Ritz, iv'e read this somewhere, i don't remember. And please don't test my wisdom.
  12. Is SX4 getting the same multijet which Linea may get?
  13. Well, i knew it from before that features like body colored ORVM's, Foglights, ACC etc would not come on Jazz because they were not on the Top end city as well. Surely Honda is taking Indian customers for a ride.
  14. hey, there are new colors, wheels, tints, stickers, new headlight and tailight colors! Ok , soon you will see a backdrop change..heeehaa!
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    Thank you Swiftvxi o6 for respecting me as your small brother. I hope i'll be able to get the same kind of respect from everyone on this forum!
  16. Tata Indigo Vista launches next month for over 5-lakh INR - The much awaited Tata Indigo Vista will be set afloat next month for a price tag displaying 5-lakh rupees or more. The car will be put together in the Ranjangaon plant where Fiat manufactures all its cars for India. The engine options include the 1.3-liter Multijet and 1.4-liter FIRE petrol engine. The source is the Indian Autos Blog! So another competitor is entering the 5-7 Lakh bracket. I hope this car is worthy of being called a competitor!
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    Huh? What are you saying Dino? I do not understand! Have you read all my 510 posts??
  18. Yeah, that's what i'm sayin big bro, Aveo is a comfy, spacious upmarket car, but like any other Chevy, it doesn't have any driving pleasure at all.
  19. i10 all the way, proven better than the other 2
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    Ok, will keep that in mind BS, thanks!
  21. Hey, the Interiors are a complete RIP OFF from the Skoda Superb!
  22. Or else wait if driving pleasure is not a big issue, and you don't think that GM will fall, please consider the Chevrolet Aveo.
  23. I always say i10 is better than Ritz and I still keep my word. After all, quality comes first. i10 is more aerodynamic and more stylish than the Ritz as well.
  24. Yeah, I also hope that the dealers sell GP's and Lineas along with Palios.
  25. Just upload the pictures in imageshack and resize it to 640x480 Then go to My images and select the share option for the pice you want to upload. Then just select the first option, direct link for forums and just paste it here. Simple. Cheers!