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  1. 2.VISTA 3.V I S T A...........................
  2. thank you tan & sude, i am interested to buy diesel only. because every month i made a trip to visit of my parents in my village near about 350kms away from my office. why i am afraid for dzire means 1. rear seat comfort which is must for my aged parents and family 2.roomy 3.tilt and height adjustable steering (these r not must for me) and maruti tie up over means service, resale value 5.minimum 10 years usability any how i need sedan ,suppose if i got dzire after that with in the next 2 or 3 months if indigo vista came means i will b totally upset KINDLY MAKE ME AS CLEEEARRRRRRRRRR.
  3. no one is ready to give ans, i am going to book dzire
  4. kindly send some mail to regarding indigo vista . i am much waiting for it. i am going to 1st fresh car owner. also confusion between swift and vista,now u r saying indigo vista is comming. wt can i do...make me like
  5. HAi,any one give a good news to me about indigo vista, i am almost finalised to pick indica d picture is real ... no chance i am in love