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  1. Getz 1.1 GVS Ownership Report

    My Family is planning to buy a car. Have to choose from Getz, U-VA, Swift. From ur experience Getz look like a good option. Post some of your Getz experiences and if possible some more pics as well.
  2. Getz 1.1 GVS Ownership Report

    Wat all accessories did u add??
  3. Getz Overpriced!!!

    I was a bit disappointed with i10 launch as well. The Airbag and ABS optional model is priced too high. They could have provided them as optional across all models, as safety is of foremost importance. Actually I still remeber Hyundai's safety tag when Santro is first introduced. It was " Make every mile a safer one. For you and for others". I suspect Hyundai forgot that thing!!!
  4. Getz Overpriced!!!

    I think ABS and airbags must be offered atleast as option in all models of every car manufacturer. ABS and airbags are serious ommissions in Getz as the lesser priced Santro has ABS as optional across all models.
  5. Hyundai i10/Pa Test Drive Report

    Hyundai is forcing its competitors to bring these luxury class equipments and features to small car segment.
  6. Hyundai i10/Pa Launched @ 3.39-3.98 lakhs

    This look like terrific value for money....
  7. Hyundai i10/Pa Launched @ 3.39-3.98 lakhs

    Will this car replace Santro. Do these models coexists??