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  1. As everyone agrees that 1. i10 magna has more features than Ritz Lxi but priced nearly same [3.9L] 2. i10 sportz has lot more features than Ritz Vxi but priced nearly same.[4.2L] But the question is, How Come i10 Asta and Ritz Zxi have the same features and cost the same [4.8L]? Ritz even has Alloy Wheel while i10 Asta does'nt. What is the catch? Does that mean Ritz Zxi is more VFM than i10 Asta while Ritz Vxi/Lxi are not VFM when compared with i10 magna/Sportz? Please correct me if I'm wrong guys, Regards! Nithiraj.
  2. Can you share the source of the above info?
  3. Can you please throw more light on this? Which car will get automatic transmission and When? Regards! Nithi.