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  1. after reading your review, i clearly feel you are advertising for fiesta rather than doing a comparison. The irony is I just booked ANHC ! We shall get the delivery by End of this Month. We booked the EMT Model. The Reasons why we chose ANHC was 1. Space. We are a family of 5 so, the Rear seats should be comfortable for 3. and 2. Driving Quality. Thats it. With regards to your Points about reliability of Honda parts (durability) & ANHC's Fuel efficiency, I have already mentioned in my Review. That was my honest review and by no means an advertisement. I am car lover just like you. I have been studying both cars for more than 8 months. Test Driven them several times. Discussed technically at the service centers for common complains and maintenance & stuff like that. I have friends / relatives who are using Honda & Ford. Actually, my review would help others to chose a better buy.
  2. No, SX4 fails miserably in Shape & Fuel Efficiency. Its gonna get discontinued soon. Maruti is trying hard to sell their SX4 lots. There are remours that either Maruti will get Diesel version in SX4 to boost the sale or Shall design a new car with better futuristic attributes and launch with name YY4.
  3. http://0' " target="_blank"> Excuse me, for grammatical mistakes