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  1. thanks for quick santro has clocked 57 k kms. i m facing these problems just since last 2 days.the problem occurs while accelerating. if it is the cloged petrol filter or the cloged fuel injector? should i use system G injector cleaner for few days before going to the service centre?
  2. hii friends, i have santro 2004 model.from last 2 days its giving problem.when i accelerate the car it doesnt take the pick up smoothly.sometimes it pushes or somtimes lags on putting the acclerator.please help me to disclose the problem and tell me the remedy to overcome it.
  3. there is a boot in the ritz but its size is too small that is 178 ltr. hyundai i 10 kappa is the best of the lot. it has got refined engine,best interior quality n good space.its boot size is also better as its 225 ltr.i will say go for the best, hyundai i 10 kappa.
  4. hello frens.. can u tell me the hyundai santro xings tail lamp price?
  5. whats the mileage u get in the city and highway?how bout road grip n suspension?
  6. can i go for 165/65 R 13 on same wheel size?? Is this change will increase the fuel consumption? hows the Bridgestone Turanza?
  7. hi friends,i have santroxing and its tires are due for change.i just want know what will be the up sizing for better ride and handling? and weather this up sizing will show speedo meter error and how much will be the reduction in the mileage.what is the average life of a tire considering the Indian road condition?
  8. go for diesel.even in diesel i will recommend swift has got performance , better ride and handling and economy.if u ride 15000 kms a year then by taking swift u will be saving atleast 35000 a year fuel compared to petrol getz. in swift vdi u spend 2.50 per km on the other hand on petrol vehicle u spend 5 rs per km. in the city driving condition.even when it comes to sale the vehicle diesel would fetch more money than petrol.
  9. Santro is a low maintenece car for sure.and u will definitely enjoy its drive.if u are going drive mostly in city then go for santro.Corsa is a good car.It has got best handling and ride in its class, on the other side it has got drinking problem and i m not sure about the parts.Its also a bit high on maintenance.But for the high way driving its a 1 of the best car.But don't pay 1.95 for that car.u should get it around 1.65 or 1.75..i wont recommend palio.
  10. Hey priya i have checked that bridgestone site.In that site all detail information about the tyre selection and maintenance has been given.If u select by pattern then there u will get all types. For your corsa if you want ultra high performance tires then go for bridgestone potenza G III 195/60R13 OR 205/60R13. For santro its 175/60R13 or 185/60R13 ..
  11. I have santro xing from last more than 3 years and i m fully satisfied from this car.It has got refined n peppy engine.light n direct steering and good enough space.Its a comfortable car but the back sit ride is not that good.I have not incurred any extra maintenance apart from regular servicing.Wagen R is way behind in all the aspects.if u want to chose in between these two then go for santro.But i would suggest i10 for u as its a new Avatar of santro.Its more refined n back sit ride is also comfortable.It also gives luxury feel interiors.If u can stretch your budget up to 5 lacs then swift would be a good bet.
  12. priya is right santro has got 155/70 R 13 tires..i love the speed so whether up sizing will cause any negative effect on high speed driving?
  13. there are ppl who buyes the car on engine performance and not on how it looks or what its brand value..when it comes to car what makes the difference is the sheer driving pleasure rather than anything else..