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  1. yeah, i heard the skoda is going to dump this PD technology and coming with common rail says everything..
  2. i think this is the first petrol model introduced by skoda in india..i feel that skoda RS 1.8 has got rocking performance than this 2 liter engine.5.5 lacs is bit on a higher side bargain at 4.5
  3. i like the styling of the camry.the new accord is not that attractive..and on performance front both cars on par..definately camry..
  4. different segment depends on what are ur preferences..if u want perforamance n looks go for civic if u want space n fuel efficiency then go for innova.both are segment leaders n extreamly reliable.
  5. indian car buyer are becoming smarter day by day.they prefer up-to date technology.i dont think price cut will make any notable difference in the sales in the long run..logan has got outdated looks.petrol engines are under power n diesel is also not that gr8.
  6. i feel the safari 2.2 has improved a lot in refinement n has got good space n comforable ride i think in these two safari 2.2 should be the SUV one should go for..
  7. I think the swift is the car 1 should go for.Swift has got chunky looks, decent performance, and fuel efficient engine. Vernas 110 bhp engine is excellent but i feel its too powerful for Getz.I m not sure whether the Getz can handle such a tremendous power output.
  8. i m also a satisfied santro owner..its a gr8 car to has got superb built quality , smooth engine easy gear shift n also a good space inside..only downside is the backseat ride..but still i recommend it to all my frens..its totally a trouble free car..santro has knocked down the old zen 1st then wagen R was her next target..then came zen estilo which was not enough to fight with santro the last one was spark, ppl had expectations from this car but it could not break santros popularity.
  9. SWIFT is definitely a good car but when punto n fabia are knoking the doors 1 should wait for them.
  10. car looks specious from in and has taken the interior from city only..what bout the engine specifications? i heard honda is going stop producing its fuel efficient I DSI engines..and sticking to its V tech range only..
  11. i personally find skoda products overpriced for what they sell..the technology they got is still below par..but i think they have learned a lesson from civic n magnum now they are correcting the prices of their products but what bout the technology its still dated..
  12. u are right, citys refinement is the benchmark in that segment..but when it comes for VFM then its definatly SX4. I find city overvalued with lots of goodies missing..
  13. i want performance from the car, whether it comes from petrol or diesel , doesnt mind..
  14. really a good 1.. we admire beauty , wht u say frens? hehe
  15. what to do with the looks when performance is not upto the mark. and i think in that segment the SX4 has got performance as well as the sporty has left the city behind..
  16. I can only say the mileage is good and unbelievable..
  17. this i10 has got the same engine of santro and santros city mileage is 12 n on highway its 17.. then how come this i10 gives such a high mileage?
  18. Thanx priya n all u ppl for ur suggestions..In fact i personally love civic and i feel in the D segment it has no competition today.... Now i have even nearly convinced my fren for civic.. Thanx
  19. but in these years the road quality is improving and in near future also we expect better roads.i dont think there wud be much difference in ground clearance between laura n civic..
  20. i feel the hyundai has better build quality than tatas n far as SX4 Cross over is concerned, i dont think indian market is mature n ready for it..people prefer sedan at these price range than Cross over..
  21. hows steering feel of the civic? is that too light like city? cause on highway well weighted and direct steering offers much driving confidence..
  22. i think the mileage is good enough..when it comes to styling n interior, civic is way ahead than laura and it can even compete with higher segments cars..
  23. i think civic should touch the top speed of around 190 kmph very comfortably..By the way what mileage do u get in city traffic conditions and on highways?
  24. hey priya, thanx 4 the reply..can u tell me the bout high speed performance of civic and whats the top speed it can touch ?
  25. Helloo friends, i need some friend is looking for D segment car..he has short listed Civic n Laura Ambient..He is looking for power, performance n high speed stability.. fuel efficiency is not a concern but he is looking for low maintenance.. so please advice