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  1. hey nice that 2nd apache is of 180 cc?
  2. very nice review..swift is really a value for money and a gr8 performer..would like to hear bout both cars city n highway mileage..
  3. hii frens..i need some suggestion..i have santro 2005 has came with the philips halogens..i want to replace it with better ones..can u ppl tell me which is the best company and what should be the size like watts etc?
  4. sedan-- i would go for optra magnum, it has got space comfort performance n fuel efficiency of diesel.. SUV--i wud take ford endevuer for its new crdi engine performance.. Hatch-- for touring? no way
  5. bikes looks very sporty..but i think it has got the same engine which we find in CBZ othere features like FI , clip bar handles, oil cooler..but it definately looks stunning..when its launched? wht the price ?
  6. Skoda fabia is more specious n ride quality wud b better.As far as refinement is concerned i wud still stick to the swift.It has got fiats international award winning engine.In future i expect VGT turbo in swifts engine for better top end performance..
  7. logan 1.4 petrol is not a drivers car.its not that attractive as well. if u are looking for space and back sit comfort then only go for that car..otherwise i would recommend fiesta 1.4 petrol for you.its a gr8 highway car.
  8. santro 11km/ltr in city with A/C and 16 km/ltr on highway...with A/C....
  9. yah if wana go 4 diesel then strech ur budget n go 4 magnum or in petrol sx4 is the best choice today..
  10. i think santro is the best in this range..i m having santro since last has got refined engine,fun to drive in city..much specious than spark n it gives bigger car feeling than spark. back sit ride is not that comfortable but if u are driving then there should be no probs.. definitely go 4 santro
  11. esteems weight is around 850kgs on the other hand swift wud weigh around 950 to 1000 kgs..esteem also has more aero dynamic body compared to the swift..these might be the reasons...
  12. i think the best buy should be ford fiesta 1.4 in this price range..its refined,fun to drive,comfortable, n after all it gives big car feeling as compared to the hatchbacks..considering his daily usage its a perfect 1 for him..
  13. hi frens this is gaurav from pune..just like u people i am also a car driving on high speeds.all u people are doing gr8 job answering the car queries.keep it going...
  14. hey bro its true that optra is value for money..but which 1 is the drivers car? some 1 who loves to drive on high speeds n expects better performance from the car..
  15. hey guys which 1 is better for some 1 who expects performance out of these 2 in terms pickup, handling, ride, high speed stabilty..etc
  16. safari has got excelent styling n road presence..but hey guys do u expect better handling n much refined engine in this 2.2 dicor ?
  17. ikon is nearly phased will also hammer the sales of fiesta TDCI..
  18. hii there, i think accord is far better car than the laura when it comes to performance..