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  1. The back can sometimes be mistaken for a Rapid, although it is couple of notches above the Rapid. The car right from the onset is very tempting! It makes you go- 'WOW'! It surely will give the VW Jetta ; a rn for its money!
  2. What an average Indian will want (more often than not) is 1) Fuel efficiency 2) Comfort 3) Safety and then comes performance etc.. So an Ertiga will prove to be a better buy than the CrossPolo because of the price factor and mainly space! For me the CrossPolo just falls under the premium VW badging and there's nothing that I see which is a standout! x)
  3. We got the New City and want to know which parking aid would be a good pick for it? Does it really need a rear view camera or sensors should be enough? And I will also need red painted sensors.. Suggest..
  4. My suggest would be the i20 as it is powered by a brilliant engine and packed with a lot of goodies in the inside too. Hyundai's maintenance also not to be a problem as far as i'm concerened. The Ecosport can be another option too as librankur rightly said but you gotta wait for a while.. Cheers.
  5. The success of this low end version will solely depend on how M&M strategize their pricing which will play a very crucial role in the selling number. And the launch of the Ford ES will also create a big impact on both the XUV & the Duster before which M&M have to get things sorted out! All we can do is wait and watch as to how M&M take their next big step on the low-spec XUV500! Cheers.