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  1. Does any1 has any views in Indigo Marina? It fits the bill for 5 seater, good boot space, mileage, highway driving and between 4.5-5 lacs. please revert asap as I just came to know about this car when I was very close to finalizing getz
  2. i am moving closer to finalizing getz. a small query : in one of the earlier posts i had read that GLX 1.3 has a arm rest for the driver's seat. but when i checked with the dealer they said no. Can any1 confirm the same?
  3. what is the actual mileage of getz in the city/highway? and is it good for highway driving?
  4. Hi I just heard from a friend of mine that Aveo Yuva is also a nice car and space is not a problem. any comments
  5. Is there a way I can change the heading of the topic to Getz vs Swift. And also I just saw that it does not show under Indian Car Forums. Can it be added there.
  6. ok. but because of the mix with query on civic i felt the discussion is getting diluted.
  7. not considered i20 as expensive and have not heard too many good things about its performance. Further good deals are not available given that it is a newer model.
  8. Can any1 help me list down the best feature for both separately. One for Getz that i know is that its available currently at huge discounts; especially 2008 models. Also wanted advise should i go for 2008 models; what are the pros and cons ?
  9. I agree and those two only, I am considering seriously. Apart from the points you mentioned about the two one thing which is swaying my decision towards Getz is the huge discount I am getting for 2008 models > 50k
  10. Hi, I am planning to buy a new car. Have driven maruti 800 and santro earlier. The criteria are: a) comfortable 5 seater good boot space c) mileage d) good for highway driving as would be using it for long drives on weekends near around mumbai e) budget 4.5 to 5 lacs (above are not in order of priority) Cars under consideration are: i10, getz, fabia, aveo uva, a star and swift. specific replies/reviews will be helpfu