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  1. Hi, I was running my Ikon till last feb.. Now a Swift VDI -Red color.. better performer than ikon obviously..
  2. If mileage is not a concern then you can gor for Swift VXi.. Better option for the budget specified would be Indica Vista..
  3. Hi Abdul, Welcome to the forum.. Even I am new out here.. :-) But with my experience I would like to suggest you to go for a Pioneer head unit.. The head unit shouldnt bother much but still on a long run might cause some problems. And about the rear speakers- If you are not listening to metal/rock music then this should be fine.. If you want something extra then you can for a Polk Audio/Momo.. Front speakers - I dont have any information about the pros or cons but when you are spending 5.5k you can opt for JBL instead.. I have been using JBL and Polk for quite some time and the performance is very good. And I suggest you to go for an Amp as you are connecting front and rear directly.. Why compromise the car for the music.. you can find a decent one for 4k.. JBL 2 channel.. or if you have plans of going for a Sub at later point of then you can go for a 4 channel amp.. While installing the rear speakers measure the cut out diameter and the mounting depth available and please ensure that sufficient clearance is there for the back of the magnet and the window mechanism. May be this will be of a little help.. Please feel free to get back for queries..